4 Ways to Use Negative Reviews to Boost Your Business

Monday 06th, June 2016

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Ever since word of mouth proved to be one of the best techniques to attract new customers, online reviews are considered a major factor behind influencing buying decisions.

According to stats, a whopping 85% of consumers say that they read online reviews for local businesses and 73% of the consumers say positive reviews make them trust a brand.

But not every review is positive – is it?

No one wants negative reviews, but they are an inevitable part of doing business. You’re bound to get negative feedback at some point of time. Even top performing companies get a bad review every now and then.

When negative reviews give you lemons, learn the 4 ways to turn them into a lemonade.

Follow the Flaws

Strong negative feedback stirs up emotions and creates a sense of denial.

When people write reviews, some will be legitimate and some might be outright nasty.

But ignoring these comments would do more harm than good. It’s means you’ve passed the opportunity to fine-tune your product/service.

You should treat every feedback equally. For instance, you can start by investigating the complaint – and if found genuine, think about how the problem can be addressed or mitigated.

Not every bad review is harmful for your business – you just need to work on your shortcomings and improve your game.

Mend the Bridges

You should thank every reviewer for his or her feedback irrespective of the emotion behind it – for they care enough to provide one. It not only shows your audience that you value their opinions, but it also makes potential visitors feel comfortable to post their reviews.

A survey among customers who posted negative feedback found that 18% of the people who received a response become loyal to the business.


All because of a simple interaction. And guess what, 33% of the people who received a response to their feedback, changed their original review to post a positive one.

Key takeaway?

You can effectively turn an unhappy customer into a loyal one who returns for further purchases. And what’s more you portray a brand that listens to the customers’ grievances.

Take the High Road

At no point should you lower your brand’s decorum while responding to negative reviews.

Even if the complaint is a bald-faced lie, you should remain polite and respectful. You can correct the incorrect information – but graciously – assuming that the customer has made a mistake. Let people know that you value their feedback and show them that their complaints will be addressed.

Of course there will be situations where disgruntled customers will simply to start an argument – refuse to play ball! You need to ensure the digital onlookers to think highly of you.

A company that takes the time to respond to the most incendiary reviews without losing their cool will appeal to the potential customers.

Humanize Your Brand

Connecting with customers and actively participating in discussions shows that you’re a human being and not just any faceless business.

Provide an apology to inadvertent errors and clarify any problem or concern – acknowledging someone’s bad experience and correcting it makes you more humane.

When people are reminded that they’re dealing with respectful human beings, they leave a polite feedback, even if it’s a negative one.

Turning adversity into an opportunity is a true mark of success for any brand. Therefore remember that even negative reviews have a silver lining if you respond appropriately.


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