4 Tips to Increase Your Content Shares

Tuesday 14th, June 2016

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Content marketing in its truest sense is a seamless integration of valuable content with SEO / paid marketing. This helps companies drive traffic, generate new leads, earn credibility and stay on the top of mind with potential and existing clients.

Social media, without a doubt, is a key distribution vehicle for your content. In addition to paid advertising and email marketing, social media shares through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and other platforms allows your content to spread – the modern version of word-of-mouth marketing.

That said, there are some hacks that businesses can employ to encourage social sharing of content.

Let’s discuss 4 such tips to increase your content shares.

Choose Trending Topics

Not every topic is created equally, so you need to develop a sense for which your topics your audience really cares about. Some ways to find that out includes looking at search keyword volumes (via Google AdWords / various keyword tools), asking sales what customers always ask about, or monitoring what consistently gets shared and commented on your blog, competitor’s blogs and in social media in general.

You can also use tools such as BuzzSumo and PostReach for researching on trending topics.

Create Infographics and Lists

This might be surprising to some, but infographics and lists get more average social shares than any other type of content.

Multiple reasons are possible: Infographics allow people to digest a humongous amount of information in a quick, visually interesting way. Similarly, list posts are easier to read and are skim-friendly – and they tell people exactly what they can expect (E.g.  5 ways to achieve a slim body).

While writing long-form posts, it’s important to keep it easy to read and scan, with images and charts breaking up the text. One way to do this is by structuring the article as a list post, or you can use sub-headings and bullet points so that it’s not a long wall of text.

Appeal to the Narcissistic Side of Your Readers and Leverage Emotions

A research by The New York Times suggested that awe, laughter and amusement were the most popular emotions invoked in the 10000 most shared articles on the internet.

They interviewed close to 2,500 people to find out the primary reasons why people shared content online. And they were:

  • To share valuable or entertaining content with others
  • To give people a better sense of who they are
  • To stay connected and maintain relationships with others
  • To feel more involved in their community or in the world
  • To spread the word about causes they care about

Content that appeals to the narcissistic side of people gets more shares – content that helps people identify who they are. BuzzSumo found that 80% of the top 10 most shared articles were quizzes.

Why you ask? When people share their quiz results, they help others learn more about themselves as well as their values and tastes.

Create ‘Skimmable’ Posts

You can impress industry influencers with their social media followers by curating valuable, unique or interesting content. Sometimes, they won’t read whole posts before they share. If your content is not designed in a way that makes it easy to quickly grasp the key points, they won’t bother to skim it or share it. Also, many of your regular readers won’t have time to dig into large blocks of text. Use bold headers and key points (2-3 sentences) for each instead of dense paragraphs.


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