3 Growth Hacking Techniques to Improve Your Blog Traffic (Without SEO)

Monday 20th, June 2016

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Who doesn’t want blog traffic?

Hands down, everybody wants it.

If you’re a business that runs a blog, you’ll know that boosting the blog traffic is one of the hardest things out there. Even worse, if it’s a fairly new blog.

Most bloggers quit because they’re unable to see any growth in traffic.

If you’re one of them, you should check out this article. We discuss some growth-hacking techniques to increase your blog traffic without doing SEO.

Reverse Engineer the Content Creation Process

Its popular belief that the simplest way to increase the blog traffic is to create more content.

Nothing is farther from the truth. Posting articles daily is simply won’t help. You need to create content that attracts more links, shares and comments from the readers.

How can you do that?

You can simply reverse engineer the content creation strategy. Instead of writing random posts, it’s better to develop content that is time-tested and proven to work.

This is known as skyscraper technique, a coined by Brian Dean from Backlinko.

And to top it all, it is one of the most effective ways to increase your overall blog traffic.

Skyscraper technique involves in three steps:

  1. Finding link-worthy content

Creating content for profitable keywords isn’t easy. Fortunately there are tools such as BuzzSumo using which you can find share worthy content in your niche. It doesn’t stop with that – you also can discover a ton of high performing blog posts, videos and infographics that’ll help you to come up with amazing content ideas.

  1. Create content that’s better than the competition

Once you’ve figured out the ideas, the task is to make them better. To get more shares, backlinks and comments on your blog, you need to make your content a ‘one-stop-source’. Neil Patel has found that the average content length for a web page that ranks in the top 10 results has at least 2000 words. According to him, long form posts work the best.

Likewise, if you’re creating videos and infographics, make them better by creating an appealing design. Add something extra to create an epic and high performing content.

  1. Target the right people to get more buzz

Once you have powerful content on your blog, it is time to reach out to the right people in your niche who will be interested in promoting your content.

How can you do so?

BuzzSumo comes to your rescue. If you enter a keyword in BuzzSumo, it will show the top content including the people. Reach out to them, find out their emails and start creating a buzz. When you reach out to them after creating a link worthy post, you’ll have more chances of getting links to your sites too by asking them without being pushy.

Content Upgrades to Boost Your Email List

Email list is valuable. There’s no two opinion about it. A list of hungry email subscribers is an asset for every blogger.

Having an email list not only increases your blog traffic but it will also boost your sales and trust with the readers.

For instance, email list is the second biggest traffic source for Neil Patel’s QuickSprout blog. And for most bloggers the same is true – email list is their top traffic source!

So why not invest your time wisely on building an email list instead of focusing on SEO? Instead of trying all the list building strategies under the sun, it’s better to go for one crazy idea that increases your list. Content upgrade is one such list building strategy that helps your boost your subscribers quickly.

Promote Your Content

Once you publish a blog post, you need to do the following:

Promoting on social media: If you want to boost your overall website traffic, you should be active on social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+ etc. Almost every blogger on earth uses these social media platforms – so you’ll get more exposure for your blog posts if they have attention grabbing headlines.

Posting to forums: Research the relevant forums in your niche and connect with other bloggers. Share and comment on their links, and whenever you post something on your blog, ensure you submit the links. And ask for a feedback from other bloggers. This way you’ll get maximum exposure to your content.

Submit to social bookmarking sites: Social bookmarking sites such as Digg, Stumble Upon, Delicious have huge readers. If your post performs well on these sites, you can take it for granted that your overall search traffic will increase over time.

Leaving comments on other blogs: Leave thoughtful comments on other blogs that are similar to your blog’s topic. Always use their names while leaving the comments and ask intelligent questions to initiates a conversation that will increase your blog visibility.


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