10 Steps to a great Blog

10 steps photoBlogs are big part of a content marketing strategy. They are a great way to offer value to your customers. A great way of establishing you as a thought leader. Great way to make people aware of your brand. It is great for SEO as good quality content is something that search engines take to. You can draw customers to your website and can populate all the various Social Media platforms that you want to occupy.

Having said that, one also needs to say that there are blogs and there are blogs.  Blogs that make you read to the very last word, click share to let your entire network know of your great read and which take the blogosphere by storm. And there are blogs that make you leave a page in a hurry!

Here are some basic but very important ways you can get a great blog out there.

  1. First off, you need an amazing header. Most of the time, it is the headline that catches the attention of a casual browser. It has to be something that is easy to understand. An attention-grabber. We are told that “how to” is one of the most widely searched phrases. Might be a great idea to use it!
  2. Remember the old dictate of journalism? Your article needs to be like an inverted pyramid. Your blog is not one of those whodunnits where nobody knows what is going on, until the very last page! So tell your readers what they can expect in the article in the captivating first few lines of your introduction.
  3. Having done that, don’t ease off. Make sure that the rest of your blog adds meat to the introduction. This is where you must flesh it all out. Give the reader loads of valuable information that makes him go – Man! That is just what I was looking for! Don’t let it all fizzle out into nothing.
  4. Fill your blog with examples and anecdotes. Those stick in the mind a lot better than just plain didactic text. And they help explain the concepts better.
  5. End well – don’t just leave it all hanging. But tie your blog up neatly at the end with a great conclusion. It will help if you end with some kind of call to action – ask for feedback. Or ask him a leading question. Give him options to share your content to his social media contacts.
  6. Use images or videos. Visual content gets the attention of readers a lot more than just text.
  7. Break your content into smaller paragraphs. Use sub-headings for easy reading.
  8. Check for grammar and spelling errors. You won’t come across as an expert if the reader is going to be distracted by many spelling and grammar mistakes.
  9. Make sure you optimize for Search Engines. Keywords are one part of it. But don’t go overboard. Google can spot face keyword stuffing a mile away. Links and relevant meta-data are important.
  10. Make sure that you make it easy for a reader to share your blog by offering options where he can share the content. Put sharing buttons in your blog.

When you have something of great value to share with your customers, and you would have followed these instructions, you would have come up with a great blog. But it all means nothing if your blog is not seen by anyone. So make sure that you promote your blog on various platforms.

Have questions or need help with your content marketing? Write to us at marketingfolks@xerago.com

Happy blogging!

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