Top 5 Keyword Research Tools to Improve Your SEO

Thursday 12th, May 2016

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While Google algorithms have kept marketers at their toes with all the algorithm updates, one thing that has pretty much stayed constant is the keyword research.

Keyword research is the backbone of SEO and PPC marketing. If you aren’t using the right keywords, you could be falling short of your business goals.

Dozens of studies show that the secret to getting a targeted organic traffic is by using long tail keywords in your SEO strategy. Although these keywords generate less traffic than the generic terms, you get a more streamlined and qualified traffic that is interested in your proposition.

Do you wish to hold a 3000 pound marlin instead of 14 trout? Yeah? Focus on long-tail keywords!

In this post, we’ll see some of the best keyword research tools that can be used for your business to kick-start your organic traffic.

Google Keyword Planner (Free)

Google Keyword Planner is the one of the most popular and recognizable tools in the market. It is a part of Google AdWords – a great tool for running search campaigns. You need to set up an AdWords account before you can use Keyword Planner.

Any novice blogger or a seasoned analyst can use keyword planner to find long tail keywords along with their search volume. You just need to enter one keyword or a combination of keywords and Google will provide a list of related keywords along with the metrics to gauge the fierceness of the competition – both on a global and local level.

Is keyword planner accurate? Sort of. However, you need to take the keyword stats with a pinch of salt.

Keyword (Free)

Keyword tool is a pretty basic keyword research tool, but if you’re seeking long tail keywords, then it can come handy. You don’t even need an account to use the basic version.

Keyword tool uses Google Autocomplete to create a list of long-tail keyword suggestions – which is based on factors such as the search frequency of a particular keyword. This tool can help you understand what people search and you can brainstorm blog titles that’ll do well in the search.

Given it is a free version, it does not provide the search metrics or the cost-per-click of the keywords. You need to upgrade to Keyword Tool Pro to get the advanced metrics.

Moz Keyword Difficulty Tool (Premium)

Keyword difficulty tool from Moz is a great resource for analyzing the competitiveness of a keyword and helps to identify high search volume keywords.

If you input a keyword into the tool, it’ll show you the top 10 rankings for that keyword. Also it assigns a ‘difficulty score’ based on the pages that currently rank for the word. You can also look at the search volume results and click on the direct link to the SERPs to check out the top 10 results. You can also export this data into a CSV for further analysis.

Being a paid tool, it is far more accurate and reliable.


$99/m for Standard; $149/m for Medium; $249/m for Large; $599/m for Premium

SEMrush (Premium)

SEMrush is one of the most competitive and popular analytic tools that lets you keep an eye on your competitors’ keyword rankings. While most tools give you relevant keywords for your seed keyword, SEMrush goes ahead by providing you the competitor site ranks for the target keywords.

It is a great tool for competitor analysis and helps in finding keywords that will bring traffic to your site. Along with that, you can compare a number of domains against one another and evaluate the common keyword positions in organic, paid and search results.

SEMrush has a great visual appeal and their colorful charts are super helpful in quickly understanding the trends and analyzing the results.


$69.95/m for Pro; $149.95/m for Guru; $549.95/m for Business

Ahrefs (Premium)

Ahrefs is the best backlink analyzing tool and very helpful in keyword research. It is similar to SEMrush and lets you find the URL rating and domain rating for any website along with the number of backlinks, referring domains and social media metrics for Google+, Twitter and Facebook.

Ahrefs are very useful in finding link targets, getting a quick analysis for the site, and the like. Ahrefs also provide colorful interactive charts for backlink analysis.


$99/m for Lite; $179/m for Standard; $399/m for Advanced.


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