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Tuesday 03rd, May 2016

We all know about the importance of content in today’s marketing scenario.

Though creativity is paramount in content creation, when it comes to the digital world – readability matters more than creative content.

Various tools are used by content marketers for formatting and quality purposes. With the ever increasing demand for quality content, the demand for content- based tools is also on the rise.

A particular challenge with digital content is that you need to publish articles about a certain event or a product as soon as possible. One who is published first grabs all the eyeballs. In order to assist them, online (and some offline) tools and platforms help in creating quality content.

Some of the useful ones are listed as follows.


Google Reader which was once a popular tool, had been terminated by Google in July 2013. As a result, RSS feed options were narrowed down for most readers. This is where Feedly comes in.

It has a very simplistic interface and allows subscribers to add their favorite YouTube channels along with the blogs. Even enterprises are using Feedly for their day-to-day activities. They can now add feeds from the internal publications of the respective companies and get access to private content.


Trello is a free tool – which is a great thing to have considering the paucity of free tools to work with. Trello is similar to Pinterest wherein your cards are like pins to manage your ideas, to-do list, the work you’re about to do and what you’ve done already.

Another advantage of Trello is that it is ideal for a large team. For a small business or a medium sized team, Trello can lower your operating cost and allow better communication.

LinkedIn Pulse

Pulse was a RSS feed collection tool to curate content before it was acquired by LinkedIn.

LinkedIn made slight adjustments and rebranded it as content recommendation platform with a publishing dashboard.

If you want to use Pulse, you need to have a LinkedIn account. Once you sign in, Pulse shows you a list of topics in the left pane of your newsfeed. A text editor is provided where you can write and publish content within LinkedIn.

Popular topics appear on the left navigation which are suggested by industry experts. You can choose a topic and share your opinion with others. The main advantage with Pulse is that it facilitates content-driven engagement.


Previously, Grammarly had 2 versions: one free with limited features and another one paid. Limited version is discontinued now.

Grammarly, not only checks the spelling and basic grammar, but also looks for advanced grammatical errors. It is a popular tool for freelance journalists and bloggers for grammar and spell check.


Unique and original content is the basic requirement for any quality content. Plagiarism hurts the content provider’s reputation and your site gets penalized by search engines.

Copyscape is a very effective tool as it reviews content and provides feedback if the content is unique or not. Though there are many tools available, Copyscape is the most popular among them. Once a content gets certified from Copyscape, its originality cannot be questioned. Obviously it’s a paid tool and professionals from all around the world use it.


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