How to Use PPC to Increase Your Sales

Monday 23rd, May 2016

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It’s common belief that the more you run your ads, the more will be your sales. In reality, PPC campaigns never make money – you spend money for marketing, and not for sales.

Of course you spend loads of cash hoping that people will see your ads, visit your site and buy your product or service. But nobody has ever said, ‘Hey, that ads were really great. Have some money’.

You see, PPC is not something that can drive a sale – it’s dependent on someone or something to achieve it. For e-commerce and other related industries, the sale happens on the landing page. For most others, your conversions depend on your good old sales team or a brick-and-mortar establishment.

No matter how the sale occurs, PPC campaigns are most effective when they’re designed from the ground-up, and not the other way around.

Let’s discuss some ways to effective increase sales with an emphasis to produce qualified leads for the sales teams.

Quality vs. Quantity: Which is Desirable?

Is it desirable to have more number of leads or better qualified leads?

If you ask a sales team, they’ll tell you – give us more leads and at the same time better leads as well. But you don’t get both, do you?

Great PPC campaigns don’t just generate leads – they produce sales!

To run a successful campaign, you need to determine what is the right blend of quantity and quality for your business.

That said, there are a lot of factors that go into determining the right ‘mix’. For instance, would you have 10 leads at $5 per lead which produces one sale or 1 lead that costs you $50 turns into a sale?

The $50 lead seems an obvious choice – but it isn’t always that simple. If you have an effective lead nurturing program, those 9 leads can turn into an extra 2-3 sales, provided you act efficiently. As you can see, one situation isn’t always favorable. You need to grab as many eggs you can.

Work with Sales Teams

PPC is a great way to generate leads, but to convert them into sales, you need a well-trained and a qualified sales team.

While running PPC campaigns, you need to evaluate the quality of your leads. Low quality leads when transferred to your sales team, the amount of effort that is put into converting the leads will be more than the sales itself – which is certainly undesirable. This situation will cause your sales teams’ cost to through the roof and cripple your profitability. Therefore evaluate your leads properly before transferring them to the sales teams.

Nurture Your Leads

As we discussed earlier, lead nurturing can considerably increase the effectiveness of your PPC efforts.

According to an internet marketing specialist, ‘Companies are extroverts and people are introverts’. People take time to analyze brands before they warm up to a sale.

To tip the scales in your favor, you can undertake various lead nurturing techniques such as instant messaging support on the product page, follow-up mails and sending your newsletters. You can set up email campaigns targeting the qualified leads to educate them about your products and services. Most customers are wary of hard-selling – avoid all costs! Soft sell your products and people will convert eventually.

Final Note

Whether it is generating leads for your sales team or generating traffic to your site, the ultimate goal of any PPC campaign is to produce sales. If you’re not achieving it, you aren’t doing your job.

Therefore to run a successful campaign, you need to look at marketing and sales departments as a cohesive unit and work towards increasing conversions and driving sales.


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