How To Leverage Facebook’s New Features To Boost Your Marketing

Wednesday 11th, May 2016

It’s no secret that Facebook is used by hundreds of businesses for advertising. And Facebook regularly updates its platform to provide maximum functionality – making it incredibly robust and reliable.

As a user, give it a thought – Is it the same social network you used a few years back?

Definitely not!

Facebook has truly evolved by adding several new features and functionalities. Today Facebook is not only a way to connect with your friends – it is the ultimate platform for social interaction.

Though updates are being rolled out regularly, many marketers still unaware of them – and use only the standard features.

Therefore we present to you the latest Facebook features that are about to hit the floors pretty soon, and how you can implement them into your social marketing strategy

Expressions and Profile

Similar to the profile videos launched last year, Facebook’s profile expression kit provides a great opportunity for businesses to make their profile pictures feel livelier. With the profile kit, you can upload the videos and use them as your profile picture in a matter of few clicks.

It’s an effective way to express your personality for the marketers and the visitors alike – and also helps you to better connect with your audience.

Messenger Platform

The highly anticipated messenger bots were unveiled last month with a primary focus on helping businesses to connect with their customers in unique ways. Messenger bots offer subscription automation, e-commerce purchases, customized communications and much more. In other words, these bots offer a facility to connect the brands with the users, effectively changing the dynamics of social media interaction.

In addition to that, Facebook has also announced that the developers will have the access to the documentation and guidelines to build their own bots. In case building bots is outside your scope, the platform offers a number of ‘bot partners’ to help you out. Isn’t it exciting?

Quote Sharing

Quotes amaze and inspire us to do what we’re set out to achieve.

While reading an article or a book, we often come across interesting quotes that we’d like to share on social media. Since there isn’t an automated system to directly tag a line to Facebook, we had to copy the desired text and share it manually.

To address this, Facebook has introduced a quote sharing feature, making it easier to share quotes/lines in a few clicks.

It’s an added advantage for publishers and bloggers to build quote buttons for their web pages. So whenever a reader comes across a quote button on a page, he can instantly share it on Facebook. Though it’s a simple feature, quote sharing enables readers to share their favorite lines instantly.

For marketers, it’s a win-win. More sharing -> more visibility -> increased conversions -> more sales.

Virtual Reality

In the latest event, Facebook amazed the world with their professional grade 360-degree camera. Facebook’s CTO Mike Schroepfer gave the demo of the much awaited Oculus Rift – the so-called ‘Social VR’ believed to connect people in a virtual world.

Without being overly optimistic, I think virtual reality is still constrained for big businesses. However, things are fast changing with the development of affordable and more efficient VR devices. Digital marketers are closely monitoring on the possibilities and the future looks promising.

Save Button

Do you want to save a particular web page, latest collection of your favorite brand or a news article? Facebook lets you to do so. The ‘Save’ button gives you the freedom to put anything for later viewing. Though this service is available on many other platforms, Facebook enables you to view all the saved links through any device. Cool, isn’t it?

What’s in it for marketers? They can keep an eye on the ‘Save’ button to check for the engagement, tracking and to measure success. You can monitor the amount of ‘Saved’ articles to give you an insight on what’s working and what’s not – using which you can formulate your content marketing strategy.


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