How to Improve Conversions with Geo Targeting

Tuesday 17th, May 2016

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People land on your site from different locations. They have different nationalities, languages, climates, currencies and cultures. If you want to please everyone, you need to have a dynamic content management system in place to personalize your site according to the user’s location.

This is achieved through Geo-targeting.

What is Geo – Targeting?

Geo targeting is a process of delivering content to a customer – via web or mobile devices- by targeting the visitor according to their geo location (country, state or city). This is done by dynamically delivering web content so that it’s highly relevant to the visitor’s location. It’s a fact that people are naturally drawn to events occurring around them. By geo-targeting the website content, you can make your visitors feel more comfortable and familiar with the content thereby enhancing the browsing experience and increasing trust.

Geo-Targeting Techniques

Geo-targeted Content

To understand how geo-targeted content works, let’s see a simple example: Altering the contact numbers of your business based on the visitor’s location.  Placing the contact number on the top of your webpage is a great way to improve the call through rates of your business. Since it’s a prime real estate, it makes sense to display the information relevant to the user’s location – provided your business is present in multiple locations. As you can see, geo-targeting can help you avoid displaying a long list of contact numbers in the website’s footer.

Geo-targeted Popups

Popups are a great way of targeted promotions. Restaurant business, for example, has several branches spread across the country. Each brand might be running a separate deal. So target the audience separately using a single website, you can display geo-targeted popups to show the relevant deal to all of its local audiences.

Geo-targeted URL Redirects

Multinational companies need to have multiple versions of their website that is tailored to suit each country level domain. Having a local domain creates trust and relevance and also makes it easy for the company to tailor the website to suit the local audience.

Keeping that in mind, most of the companies employ automatic URL redirection to the local domain based on the viewer’s country. This is called Geo-redirection and it’s also the most extensively used method of geo targeting.

Matching Currency

It is the most relevant and necessary component of geo-targeting if you’re running an ecommerce portal.

For instance, you’re selling Iron Man jewelry in Europe and UK. Your landing page should display the prices of the products both in Euro and GBP. If a visitor from Germany clicks on the page, he should be able to view the products and the prices in Euros seamlessly. When you provide this level of customization, your CTR will shoot up. Geo targeting plays an important role in attracting and converting the customers.

How to Geo Target your Site?

Geo targeting is an under-utilized technique because of its cost and implementation. You need to obtain the visitor’s IP and a database to convert the visitor’s IP address to a usable location. Since they’re expensive and are updated frequently, implementing such a database and writing code in your website to create rules for content delivery and popups is often unaffordable for most small businesses.

If you have the bandwidth and reserves to implement such a system – it’s great. Else you can choose a more cost-effective and simple software solution that doesn’t require the complex tracking technology.

Once you have the system in place, you can pull the location of your website traffic and draft a strategy to geo target them with personalized suggestions and special offers.


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