Get Comfortable with Data

Monday 23rd, May 2016


Data is a reality!

Working with data is a reality!

Doing some data modeling to analyze data is also a reality.

Marketing gets on turbo mode when it is powered by data. That too is a reality.

So do we non-techies in an increasingly tech-driven world do?

We get real. And we get familiar with data and data modeling. At least at the basic level.

Here is why we need to do that!

Data is at the bottom of everything these days. But before it can do its magic, it needs to be cleaned up and regularized into a format that can be worked on. And then a data model has to be created – this will typically lay the parameters down for the kind of analyses that will be done, and the kind of dashboards that the end user will be able to see. And in order to understand how your analytics tool works, and what it can do for you, it is a good idea to know how the data is first gathered and then stored and then managed. And how working it will help you reach your business goals.

Or this might be you – you are the marketer with no technology background. And you look at reports and analyze the data that your analytics team is sending you. Some amount of familiarity with data and modeling can help you communicate better with them – tell them what you wish to see, what kind of rules the whole process must comply to.  You will know what kind of questions to ask when trying to extract information from the database. This in turn, will help you derive better insights from the data.

The analytics tools of today are evolved and sophisticated on the one hand and very user-friendly on the other. In order to work these tools well, it is good to be familiar with some basic working knowledge of data. What this means is that you can do a lot of the work yourself – without having to depend on the tech team in your office. Knowing how all this works, will give you an idea of what is possible, what is not possible and why – so your tech team can’t take you on a joy ride with you going along in a rather clueless fashion. You will even be able to tell how long it would take to get a certain task done. Your team can’t spin a yarn about how some tool is incapable of performing a certain task for you.

Bottom line – working with data is a huge reality – something that will only grow with time. So getting acquainted with how it all works is a smart thing to do. Martech is a reality – when marketing is powered by technology, it can take things to a whole different level. It is a very useful thing to know how it all works and soon you will realize that the more you know what to do with the data, the more things you can do with it! So when it comes to working with data, get comfortable!


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