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Friday 13th, May 2016

Marketing has changed considerably over the years. We have moved from a “send out a message to all your customers” to a “engage with each of your customers individually, based on their preferences and specific needs” kind of situation. This calls for studying a customer’s behavior and knowing him well enough to send him customized offers that would interest him. Marketing has become complex with many interactions with customers – so much so that technology is what drives the whole system – managing everything from databases on the one hand to complex data mining algorithms on the other.

Which is where the campaign management tool comes in.

A campaign management tool simply handles all the various parts of a marketing campaign. There is a user-friendly dashboard where you can see important data and measure the effectiveness of any marketing effort that you decide to undertake. You get all the information you want right in one dashboard. Plenty of data. And it will tell you if you are getting a good return on the investment that you have made in this tool. You can segment groups of your customers and prospects into small groups and then also put down the kind of interaction that should take place with each of these groups. To a level of detail that is quite imaginable! And there could be thousands of segments that a marketer can come up with!

Any industry will stand to gain much if it automates its entire marketing process with campaign management tools. With evolved customers looking for a seamless and engaging experience across channels, businesses have the opportunity to offer the same kind of customer experience across channels and to engage with each of them as individuals.

There are several other benefits –


  • It is possible to reduce lead time – regardless of whether a campaign is simple or complex, or whether it spans one channel or a bunch of them, a campaign management tool can facilitate the quick scheduling, launching and measuring of marketing campaigns. What used to take weeks can be done in hours!
  • You can optimize campaigns – since all kinds of information is available to you, you will know what campaign is working and what is not. You can then tweak the ones that are not working well, to work better. You can test campaigns – see what works best and then optimize the ones that aren’t working as well to perform better!
  • Landing pages can be tracked and measured like this as well – you can see what elements in it work and what don’t. You can test creative layouts or messaging with a representative audience sample. Once you know which version works, you can roll it out as your campaign.
  • Businesses, especially retailers, can keep tabs on their inventories right from purchasing all the way through to allocation.
  • They can re-think product choices based on customer preference
  • They can offer a great Omni channel experience to their customers, right from planning up to targeted selling. Since one hub manages everything you can offer your customers a uniform customer experience regardless of the channel or touch point they use to engage with you!
  • Businesses can access data across all their systems and analyze that information to draw insights. This is a very powerful tool – data-driven decisions are a zillion times better than just randomly shooting in the dark and making guesses!
  • It will help them understand who their customers really are and what they are interested in. And when you know what kind of products or services interest your customers, it will be easy to make them relevant offers.
  • Knowing about customers helps businesses design and implement campaigns that will be relevant to them.
  • Retailers have an opportunity to convert single channel customers into multi-channel shoppers (who will be their most valued high-value customers!)
  • Businesses will have access to customer responses to their marketing efforts, which they can action on – tweaking campaigns to make them more effective.
  • Through this, you can offer real time responsiveness which goes a long way in increasing customer satisfaction.
  • They are able to plan and forecast across channels, customers, products and inventory
  • It reduces lead time – what used to take weeks can be done in a matter of hours.
  • They can personalize their interactions with their customers which, as everyone knows is the most effective way of engaging with them. Personalization is a huge game changer in today’s marketing arena.
  • Businesses can expand their database – increase their visibility and reach. They can target a wider range of prospects and customers with inbound and outbound methods.
  • It allows businesses to track and manage all channels – including social media – so they know when to respond to customers and participate in conversations. You can track publishing and listening across all the social media platforms you are on. The tool can be set up to send you notifications when it’s time to respond to your customers. Some of these platforms even offer sentiment analysis, competitive analysis, and prospecting.
  • You can automate email campaigns – right messages can be sent to the right people at the right time. Moreover things like lead nurture programs and trigger email programs can be carried out. Your customers can be sent pre-determined content, offers, and messages – the right set of people get the right messages at the right time. All this goes a long way in keeping your customers engaged and progressing through the funnel.
  • It even keeps tabs on search marketing, blogs, etc. picking up registrations that can go straight into the main database automatically.
  • You can optimize for search engines. Search engines are the biggest drivers of traffic, regardless of the channel you use. SEO tasks can be streamlined and the entire website can be aligned to best SEO practices.


The biggest advantage that these tools bring is the ability to offer personalization in a world that is characterized by anonymity and mass turnovers. When information across several channels is integrated, the marketer can derive valuable insights from this which can influence the strategies of a business. And effective strategies that are powered by data translates into phenomenal success!


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