Content Optimization Ideas: An Insight

Monday 02nd, May 2016

Why do you think BuzzFeed is so popular?

If you’re in the content marketing business, you must have heard the term ‘optimization’. BuzzFeed content is so well optimized that you think on the click, the second you read the headline. They have nearly perfected the art of click-baits.

Okay. So what are the essential elements that should be optimized to create a near-perfect content?

You might say optimize the keywords. The answer is partly, yes.

But content optimization doesn’t stop with keywords. It’s much more than that.

Here are some content optimization ideas that you shouldn’t miss out while publishing.

The Title

What makes you to click on a video or a blog post?

It is the TITLE.

Title is the most noticeable part of the content that your visitor sees. Your title makes the difference between a casual user checking out your content and ignoring it.

Statistics say that you have around 3 seconds to catch the attention of the audience. Even if you succeed with Google and you get a first page slot: you might lose potential readers if you have a boring title – Such is the importance of having an effective and optimized title line.

Same goes for the social media posts. Your followers will not click on the link if your title does not inspire curiosity.

The tip is to create a list of titles you can come up with. Then choose the best one that you think will work. Also you can test the effectiveness of each title by tweeting/ posting on Facebook and monitor the reactions.


If you have a blog with text and very less images, there is an 80% chance that your traffic is pretty low.

Are pictures important? Absolutely.

Not only for aesthetic reasons, are pictures essential as they add a visual appeal to your content, they also act as an eye-catcher. Images are all the more important if you’re active on visual networks such as Pinterest.

There are multiple studies confirming that posts with meaningful images in the right format get more likes and shares on Facebook. Even for Google+ and Twitter, your posts will get maximum attention if you have a picture tagged along with it. Although it is not recommended to attach a picture for each tweet.

Another important thing to note is that the pictures should be in the optimal format. Different social networks have different optimal sizes specified for the GIF and still images.

There are multiple online tools available to create pictures for your content. One such tool is Canva – wherein you can use predefined graphical elements for free. Also they provide optimum image measurements for different social networks.

Social Share Buttons

Initially social share buttons were developed for the convenience of the audience. However, they can be also be used to significantly increase the visibility of your content. If you create good content and manage to get readers for it, some of them will be willing to share your piece to others – read social media. This is where the actual utility of these buttons come in.

You need to do an introspection about the quality of your content. You need to ask yourself: would you share the content with these buttons, if the content wasn’t yours? Answer honestly!

Also make it easier for the audience to share it – they’re lazy. If they share a post in two clicks, they might readily share it; but you cannot honestly expect them to copy and paste the title, link and your Twitter handle. Your share button should provide a readymade tweet or a social media equivalent.

Ultimately whatever content you produce, if it is not displayed properly, your effort is futile. Your website should be visually attractive and pleasing to the eyes. Do not clog your window panes with ads and pop-ups. Have a simple and effective design layout for your website.

Content optimization is a never ending process. You just need to figure out what works for you – that’ll suffice.


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