7 Benefits of Influence Marketing That You Didn’t Know

Tuesday 10th, May 2016

As the world is rapidly shifting to social media, the dynamics of traditional marketing have greatly changed. Today, consumers consult with fellow colleagues, social media heavy weights and industry influencers for buying decisions instead of companies. Influential individuals on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube command a great influence over the people looking to buy products and services.

As a smart marketer, you need to view this situation as an opportunity and not as adversity. Social media influencers open a world of possibilities to connect with the consumers more directly and organically.

Social media influencers can share branded content which will amplify the companies’ message while attracting the target audience at the same time.

Still, influence marketing is in its nascent stage. Many marketers are still wary of roping-in influencers for their brand marketing campaigns.

Having said that, we outline some of the benefits of Influence marketing that are too good to ignore.

Expands Your Reach

Breaking into an unknown territory is always challenging – especially for brands that are concentrated in a single domain. You need someone respected in the industry to endorse you.

Startups for example, are usually running against the time and need to attract a massive audience but they don’t have one – or the time to build one. Hence they always consider the Influencer component using which they can borrow a relevant audience.

Provides Insider Knowledge

When you are working with influencers, who are established experts in their respective fields, you can get accurate feedback and suggestions on your ideas. Influencers, with their vast knowledge, can create a powerful feedback loop as you create and enhance your product features.

Enhances Your Credibility

Gaining credibility can take a great deal of time and effort. It can be an overwhelming challenge for small businesses that are trying to get a foothold in the industry. When brands decide on influence marketing, they don’t have to worry about proving their credibility to a wide audience – instead they have to sell to a small group of influencers.

Once an Influencer comes on board, your credibility will be established on the status and reputation of that person. Naturally, when a person known for his thought leadership takes his time to work with you, provide insights and guide you, your credibility soars among the audience.

In this process, you might also grab attention of other influencers who may endorse you. Of course, it goes without saying, landing an Influencer might not be easy – unless you have a solid product / service.

Boosts Site Authority and SEO

Link speaks it all. Links are the key to improving SEO.

Whenever you get a backlink from an authority site, Google gets trust signals from your site, boosting your SEO. Greater the number of people mention your brand on social media, more you will be relevant to Google – thereby ranking you higher in the search results.

Saves Money

Since influence marketing is an organic way to reaching the audience, the costs associated with it is way less than other marketing spends.

I’m sure the phrase, ‘two birds, one stone’ will be appropriate here. You can potentially hit thousands of birds (followers) with a single stone (Influencer). Influencers can guide you and reduce your marketing costs greatly.

Increases Your Brand Awareness

An Influencer plugging you on social media is a great way of exposing your brand to a wide audience. It is a very effective method of letting people know that your brand exists, and most importantly provides exposure to people who might be interested in your product.

This sort of brand awareness is much more effective than paid advertising owing to an endorsement from a respective authority.

Generates Inbound Leads

Influencer marketing enables you to communicate your value proposition to a wide audience and to prospects whom you might not have had a scope to interact with. It results in people flocking to your site and making sales enquiries – who can be converted by pushing them down in the sales funnel.

The key here is to have a solid product and a well-oiled sales engine in place to drive conversions. Influencers can greatly benefit your brand – make use of these techniques to stay ahead of your competition.


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