5 Content Marketing Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Friday 06th, May 2016
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If you have a business that relies on content marketing, you probably know how hard it is to create and manage content. Like any other marketing discipline, content marketing can fall short of expectations. You shouldn’t fuss about it if you didn’t meet your quarterly goals!

Content marketing isn’t a 100-meter dash – it’s a marathon that never ends. It takes time, dedication and especially consistency to build trust and followers.

According to a Content Marketing Institute report, only 30% of the companies feel that they are effective in their content marketing efforts. If you are a part of the other 70%, fret not – a few simple mistakes are keeping you away from achieving your goals.

Following are five common mistakes that content marketers make, and tips to avoid them.

Focusing On Quantity and Not On Quality

You may ask, why quality is important. For one, quality content builds trust, improves your visitor engagement and drives your thought leadership. But the most important of all: quality is important because Google thinks it is important – which will ultimately drive traffic to your site.

Google’s search algorithms are so designed to track quality, useful content and the sites containing such content is ranked high in SERPs. More the number of people viewing your content more will be your authority – which will pay rich dividends when it comes to conversions.

Below are some guidelines that you should follow to ensure quality content:

  • Publish unique content on your page.
  • Avoid keyword stuffing.
  • Introduce internal linking to provide easy navigation for the users.
  • Concentrate on a single subject.
  • Ensure your content is accurate and trustworthy and provide additional sources wherever applicable.

Avoiding Automation

Marketing in the past was a creative process.

But today it is more of an art and science.

Art is the copy and creatives while science being the technology and analytics.

Marketing purists shun on using technology for creatives – which is a terrible idea (according to them). Though it’s partly true the fact is, to survive in this digital world, you require tools to meet the demands of the users.

You need to publish content on-the-go, and sophisticated marketing tools help you achieve that. Automation also helps you to manage your content and social media as well. You can schedule the posts and can publish later at designated times- when the viewership is maximum.

Not Optimizing For Search Engines

Content that is not optimized for search engines is like eating sawdust – dry, boring and futile.

Your content needs to be ‘searchable’ by Google – for it’ll bring the maximum organic traffic to your site.

In content marketing, we talk about writing superior content to grab the user attention, but before that, you need to catch Google’s attention. You’ll miss a whole lot of traffic if you ignore SEO.

You can start by picking out 25-30 keywords for which you want to rank and start optimizing your blog and the content. You won’t get results overnight – but trust me, you’ll get over 50% of the traffic from Google just by ranking higher in the search results.

Not Optimizing Your Headlines

BuzzFeed and Fractal did a study in 220,000 articles over 6 months on the type of content that works. And Listicles topped the list.

Listicles are everywhere and they look something like the title of this piece or:

  • 5 ways to improve the bounce rate of your website.
  • 10 tips to keep you motivated.

If you’re writing a piece of content that has a specific number of ideas, then modify the title of your piece similar to a listicle. Also, the user gets to know the exact number of tips one will get when they click on the link.

Also, include the target keywords in the first few phrases of your headline. It increases the CTR of your content.

Well, optimized headlines are caught well by the search engine bots. Hence optimize your headlines carefully to make them clickable.

Shying Away From Content Promotion

Neil Patel says, “The secret to content marketing boils down to three things: creating great content, making sure it gets found in search engines and promoting it to your followers.”

If you don’t promote your content, it will never reach your followers, let alone new customers!

If you haven’t shared your content before, it’s time you started following some of the below tactics to get the most of your content promotion:

  • Influencer Marketing: Influencers can greatly expand the reach of your brand. Rope in an influential person who fits the bill – and increases your brand association.
  • Share Content with Followers: You should share your content with your fans and followers on social media and other domains. Get them excited about your content and encourage them to share it in their networks.
  • Draft E-Mail Marketing Campaigns: A well-executed email campaign is the backbone of a successful content marketing strategy. Send out regular mailers and newsletters with interesting content to attract visitors and repeat audience – they’re the ones who’ll convert the most.
  • Build Social Media Campaigns: You should start with sharing your content on your social media channels. Once you have a good head start, you can build a campaign around a theme that reflects and promotes your brand. Make use of personas and promote them as your brand ambassadors. A viral campaign is built on the interaction from the members of your community which has the potential of a trickle-down effect in the long term.
  • Experiment with Google Advertising: If you’re creating a new E-book or a Whitepaper, it needs to reach a large audience. Run AdWords campaigns to increase awareness about your brand and leverage remarketing campaigns to target visitors whom you might have missed out.

Once you correct these mistakes, you’ll see a good ROI for your content marketing efforts.


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