4 Essentials of Mobile App Marketing

Tuesday 31st, May 2016

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You are not alone in this App dominated world. There are more than 1.5 million apps on Google Play and App store that are vying for user attention in almost every category.

But the real problem is the retention rate. 90% of the people who download apps use it for a maximum of 6 months. After that you are no longer interesting.

Another bottleneck in developing apps is the commercial viability. The success rate of apps is very low and there aren’t a lot that are making money.

While you can contemplate on the reasons why good apps fail to recover ROI, most of the times it is inefficient marketing. Given that the competition is hitting through the roof, there is a need to incorporate mobile app marketing strategy into your app development process.

If you think your app will be successful, courtesy of its usefulness – you’re in for a rude shock. Unless you have a good marketing strategy to back you up, there are good chances you’ll fail.

The term ‘good’ here is subjective – sometimes good isn’t good enough. It needs to be great!

Having said that, let’s discuss the pre-requisites of a great app marketing strategy.

Create an interesting microsite

It essentially includes a two or three webpage site that aggregates all the information about your product. Though downloads will be facilitated through app stores, microsites serve as a medium to attract attention since a great amount of traffic is driven through the web.

Your microsite can be designed in the similar fashion as your mobile app. This will give a preview to the user about the aesthetics of your app.

Generate hype

You’ve got to get the word out.

Once your app is ready to be submitted to the app store, plan your promo activities well in advance.

  • Set a release date and use social media to tease interesting aspects of your app.
  • Publish press releases on a regular basis, highlighting the benefits of your app, and the release date of the launch.
  • Approach tech blogs and publications to talk about your product.
  • Build a teaser and run giveaway campaigns to spread the word on social media.
  • Personalize your emails with links to your microsite and app and encourage them to download.
  • Sites such as Macworld, App advice can help you to generate buzz about your app. Once launched, encourage people to download and review the app.

User generated content is very effective – and positive views about your application will increase your goodwill and subsequently your revenue.

Think long term

This is a mistake that lot of people make. Mobile app marketing isn’t something that ends after the product launch – it’s a continuous process.

Your marketing campaign needs to be divided into 3 stages – Pre-launch, Launch and Post Launch. In other words, your campaign should start much before it’s released and should continue after the launch. Your app will face increased competition with each passing day and your marketing shouldn’t have an off day. Your app needs to be updated regularly with attractive features to retain and grow your user base.

Encourage feedback

When people are faced with two choices for a similar utility, most people prefer a better reviewed application. This proves the importance of app ratings.

You need to build a code into your application that encourages people to review the app.

You should reach out to unhappy users and should solve their queries. Converting unhappy customers into happy ones will greatly improve your review scores and creates a positive image of your company. Angry birds didn’t become the most downloaded game in Play store without taking user feedback.

You can build a loyal audience by paying heed to the user comments and solving their queries. Time, persistence and creativity are the three important qualities that you should possess to get maximum downloads.


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