12 Marketing Automation Myths Busted

Wednesday 11th, May 2016

Marketing Automation has tremendous potential to change the way we do things in a business.

It can totally revolutionize

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Metrics and Analytics
  • Management Activities

Despite this, only about 5% of B2B companies use marketing automation technology in 2016, according to Emailmonday.  Some folks think that marketing automation isn’t good for your business. Some say that it can land you in trouble or will be too tough to manage.  “Remember the bot that tweeted offensive stuff?” Some blunders thanks to poor implementation have happened.

Thanks to all this, there are some myths concerning Marketing Automation that are floating around and need to be busted!

Myth 1

Marketing Automation is just another name for Email Marketing.

You can automate Email marketing through marketing automation – but it is not what marketing automation is.  It is just one of the many things that can be “energized”! It is email marketing on turbo-drive! It can analyze customer behavior, detect customer preferences, personalize engagement and send him the right messages at the right time – in other words take simple email marketing to a whole new level.

Myth 2

You need a huge team of professionals to implement a Marketing Automation solution

Truth is, you can be a one man army and still have this done.  Without a doubt, the more complex campaigns will involve a larger team and a bigger effort, but what marketing automation does is to automate several time consuming activities, freeing up people to do even more with their time!

Myth 3

Marketing Automation is a one-time effort

Hardly that! Letting your automation tool do all the work is a mistake. You need to spend time and energy to make sure it falls in line with your strategy. That you tweak things which don’t work as well to make them work better.

Myth 4

Marketing Automation is the easy way out – it is just for robots!

It is easy – but it is not the easy way out. It takes work and brings tremendous results when implemented properly. And you certainly can’t sit back and relax and let the automation do its job. Engagement is the next step and that is something you must do. You can’t leave your prospects talking to a robot! Or to a dead wall! You have a sound strategy and use the marketing automation tool to help you achieve that. And then you engage with your audience powered by the wealth of customer insights you now have access to!

Myth 5

Marketing Automation is just Spam

Spam is when messages are irrelevant and when you get them without any warning! Not so here – here you now have insights about your customers. What they like and who they are. And when you engage with them powered by such information, each encounter is meaningful. So you can now tailor messages to them and send them at the right times!

Myth 6

Marketing automation makes messaging cold and impersonal

Actually it frees you up to focus on your messaging, enabling you to add personal touches to it, thanks to the wealth of information you can derive about each of your customers. You can send the right kind of offers that will interest each customer, based on this as well.

Myth 7

Marketing automation tools are pricey and we can’t afford it

Nope! There are expensive tools that you can get (like Pardot or Marketo) but there are inexpensive tools that will suit any budget that are available as well.

Myth 8

It is just too complicated

Yes there were times when this was a very complicated thing. Not so any more. The whole system has matured and have become more user-friendly, even while adding better and more robust features to it.

Myth 9

Marketing Automation is for B2C not B2B

Not at all – it is a tool – and you can make it work any which way you want! And it works great for B2B brands going a long way in nurturing relationships.

Myth 10

My sales cycle is too complex for any marketing automation

Then you are the perfect fit! If your cycle is too complex, then you probably don’t have the bandwidth to stay connected with each of your customers in the way that you should. Marketing automation can handle a lot of that for you – it can nurture leads until you are ready to build a relationship with them! Things like that!

Myth 11

It is just a fad. A marketing phase.

There have been marketing automation tools since the 1990s – and they have only matured and evolved with time.

Myth 12

Marketing Automation is just too overwhelming for me or my business

It might appear to be so. And it might be – a little. But you can start with small tasks – simple sequences. And then you can move onto something more complicated, when you are comfortable with this. The tools are user-friendly. And are robust and scalable. And you can get your hand held by the experts until you are comfortable and after.

The bottom line is that marketing automation can work wonders for your business. You can take your marketing to a whole different level. Content will be relevant and lead nurturing will be consistent and meaningful.


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