Why Guest Blogging Is Essential For Inbound Marketers

Thursday 28th, April 2016
Why Guest Blogging is Important

Why Guest Blogging is important

Getting published in the most popular blog in their niche is a dream come true for any content marketer.

A solid flow of traffic, increase in the number of subscribers and maybe an overnight rise to stardom – too good to be true, isn’t it?

Not quite. It was the case a few years ago. Lot of bloggers became overnight famous through this method. Today, with the advancement of search engine algorithms, the method that has been so over-used, has become hardly effective.

On the flipside, the real benefit of guest blogging, rather, is inbound links.

Why Should You Guest Blog For Inbound Links Than Referral Traffic?

The people who guest blog have the thought process of referral traffic and the flow is something like:

  1. Get my article published in a blog that generates huge traffic.
  2. Thereby people will click the links on my post and drive referral traffic to my site/blog.
  3. Through this traffic, I’ll get more readers and subscribers.

This strategy sounds absolutely logical. However, the fact remains that this tactic doesn’t deliver as much as promised and people effectively lose out on capitalizing the true benefit of guest blogging – inbound links.

So for a smart inbound marketer who is looking at a broader perspective will think of something better:

  1. Get my article published on a blog that aligns with my expertise.
  2. Through careful optimization of the anchor text, I interlink within the post, I have control over the inbound links that will boost the SEO of the pages I’m linking back to on my site.
  3. I may get new traffic and subscribers, but I’ll benefit from the long term organic search traffic I’ll generate.

This way, your referral traffic that would anyway die down, can essentially be turned into subscribers – which is what you need.

Having said that let’s take a look at some advantages that guest blogging for inbound links will fetch.

Blogs Encourage Guest Writers

Small blogs are always on the lookout for quality content. If you put in your time and effort into creating a quality piece, it’s met with excitement from the content managers who are having a hard time meeting their content creation goals. Also writing for small blogs is beneficial – for the turnaround time is less and your content gets published in a matter of days.

However the case with popular blogs is completely opposite – wherein your content is scrutinized at multiple levels before getting published.

Results Show Over Time

You might be able to convert your referral traffic into subscribers- but your traffic will eventually die down after a while.

Guest blogging for inbound links – on the other hand, will generate results for months – even years after you’ve published your content. If you have effectively optimized your guest post for search engine bots, the results will increase over time – providing a constant search traffic.

You Get Targeted Traffic

When you’re blogging for referral traffic, one a fraction of your visitor count will be genuinely interested in your content.

On the other hand, when you optimize your page for search engine traffic, the visitors who land on your page are much more targeted. People who search for a particular problem are in the right frame of mind while skimming through your pages – because your pages directly cater to the right audience.

Can Be Implemented On a Large Scale

As discussed earlier, it is recommended to start blogging with small blogs. Reason being less turnaround time and more inbound links. Also you can get more of your content to be published in less time.

One might argue that backlinks from less authoritative sites aren’t as valuable as links from a high ranking popular blog. Yet the scale and ease through which you can implement your guest blogging strategy in small blogs supersedes the shortcomings.


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