4 Ways to Use Pinterest to Drive Traffic to Your Site

Tuesday 12th, April 2016

For most marketers, Pinterest is often a disregarded social media traffic source. However, that’s not the case. If utilized properly, Pinterest can prove to be a game changer for your social media strategy.

One aspect that differentiates Pinterest from other social media is that regular users are much more willing to engage with brands- a staggering 70% brand engagement is generated by individual users and not by brands. As with every social network, more you engage with your users, more traffic you’ll drive from the medium.

Businesses have several pre-conceived notions that Pinterest is not suited for their business. It’s just that they haven’t taken a closer look- there is a place for almost every other business entity and not just for those who sell art and jewelry.

Having said that, how can you leverage Pinterest for your business and get value out of it? Here are some pointers that will help you gain more traffic for your site.

Create Original Content

Over 80% of the pins in Pinterest are re-pins – meaning you’re sharing the content of someone else and that won’t get you anywhere. However, if you learn to create valuable visual stuff, you’ll have a virtual army waiting to share your content and get you tons of exposure.

So what is valuable stuff?

Anything right from videos, infographics to even an image of text with something interesting. Whatever you create should be original and unique.

Make sure to edit your pin and add a link after uploading the image. If you miss this step, there will no traffic to your site. Pinterest will default it to a dead link until you update it.

Engage With Your Followers

As any good marketer, you need to interact with your followers. If you want your pinners to turn into your blog readers, you should get to know them and answer their questions.

So how to engage on Pinterest?

A few pointers:

  • Pin often and consistently so that they feature in your followers’ feed.
  • Ask questions that are answered in your blog.
  • Re-pin, like and comment on your followers’ content when you think they’re great.
  • Pin original and innovative content.
  • Return the favor by following your followers (whom you consider worthy).
  • Interact with your industry leaders and your influencers. Re-pin and comment on their posts. Influencer marketing works, remember?

Focus On Recent Trends

This is a very effective and an under-rated technique while posting content on Pinterest. According to Pinerly, pins containing trending topics see a 94% increase in click-through-rate.

Often relating the content, products or services to current events is easier than you may think. For instance, a department store, Barney’s New York, did so by creating a “Valentine’s Day Gift Idea” board in early February filled with gift ideas from their site. It created tons of re-pins and generated huge amount of traffic to their site.

So you start with many options. What’s hot in your industry currently? What’s everyone talking about? Your blog can be pitched in resonance with your trends, conditions and sentiments felt by your community. Anything that strikes a chord with the audience should be experimented with. Trending topics give a major boost to your stagnant content feed.

Include Call-To-Action

We all know the importance of a powerful call to action. It works in Pinterest as well.

It has been found that pins featuring a powerful ‘call-to-action’ increases the engagement of a pin by 80%. No wonder top brands are generously using call to actions to improve their CTR and clicks.

You can include your CTA as “Click here”, “Comment below “or “Re-pin this” in every caption. Don’t wait for your followers to figure what you want them to do. Instead tell them!

We’ve discussed some of the important techniques that will drive traffic to your site. When implemented properly they can amplify your website hits considerably.


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