Online Marketing on a Shoe-String Budget

Friday 29th, April 2016

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Online marketing has changed the way we promote ourselves.

With the ever increasing number of potential buyers using search engines, apps and social media to decide on the best product/service, you need to be visible everywhere to provide any assistance to help people choose your brand.

However, if you’re up against large companies with deep pockets for marketing budgets, it becomes difficult to stand up against them. This is where your online presence comes into play. Internet gives you a level playing field for everyone.

If you work smart enough, your marketing efforts don’t have to cost a ton of money or be overly dramatic to stand out from the crowd.

Let’s discuss some creative and inexpensive ways to market your business in this digital world.

Endorsements from a Local Celebrity

Most people in their quest to gain maximum eyeballs, run after a global celebrity with a huge audience. Given you’re a small business owner, you don’t have that kind of resources to rope in a popular celeb.

Instead you can approach a local personality who’s doing something good in your area – perhaps a teacher or an ‘unsung’ hero – who according to you can be your goodwill ambassador.

Since they hail from your neighborhood, they should be fairly approachable. Get hold of their contact details and let them know you’re sending a gift – your product/service for an opinion. Since these ‘local celebs’ act as influencers, their opinion will matter for the audience. Their responses can be used in your website testimonials and social media channels.

Get Published In Popular Blogs

It is often difficult for small businesses to get featured on the front cover of popular magazines – even by a long shot. Yet, you can approach some popular blogs and offer ideas on how it can be mutually beneficial for both of you to promote each other.

You can follow some of the steps:

  • Express your goodwill by giving offering your product/ service to the blog for free, which they can give away to the audience for free. It’s more than a product review and much more effective.
  • Do guest blogging and provide ideas for the blog posts that will be helpful for the readers.
  • You can interview the bloggers for your site – and this information can be used to promote your content to highlight his/her business.

Create YouTube videos

As we have discussed in the previous posts, YouTube is a powerful medium for online marketing. Yet, while marketing for businesses, you need to do something more than a random product video.

The videos that you come up with, should have the following elements:

  • A highly optimized keyword rich headline.
  • A clear and concise editorial message (don’t do over-preaching or condescension).
  • A strong call-to-action – telling the viewer to subscribe to your channel or check out your products.

One might argue that video production needs you to cough up significant amount of money – but you can always scale back your production costs by renting equipment and using open source tools for editing. Content is important – everything else is secondary.

Blog about the Industry Issues

Blogging is a very efficient technique to attract website visitors.

You need to identify the key issues in your operating industry and provide solutions to optimize them. The product that you’re selling should address your industry concerns – to effectively sell them along with your advice.

Since you’re on a shoe string budget with less promotional activity, only organic traffic will help. Hence all your blogs need to be properly optimized according to SEO conventions so that Google bots will effective crawl your site.

SEO and your content plays an important role in generating organic traffic to your site. If everything is optimized properly, your online presence will rise considerably and thereby increasing your sales figures.


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