Content Marketing Myths

You talk about it!

You say you need to nail it!

But there are several myths that may be holding you back!

Bust them now!

  • Content Marketing is a temporary phase 

No way! Gone are the times when you “sold” a product to a customer. Now you produce content that will add value to his life – content that is related to the products or services you offer. Build a relationship with him by drawing him in. Establish yourself as a thought-leader in your area of expertise. And you will find that you have already made your sale!

  • It is only about SEO – keep those keywords plugged in!

Yes Content Marketing has a great deal to do with SEO. But the days of keyword stuffing and artificial link populating are long gone. Google’s algorithms can pick these up a mile away! And content that is stuffed to the brim with the same keywords won’t get a second glance from audiences. The key is to produce content that will make humans and search engines happy. “SEO is not something you do anymore.  It’s what happens when you do everything right!” (Chad Pollitt)

  • Content Marketing is just about writing a Blog

A blog is just a tip of the ice berg. Blogs can form the backbone of a great content strategy – but there is a whole lot more. Blogs are a great place to start though. It gives you fodder that can be shared on various Social Media platforms, and can go a long way in establishing yourself as an expert and thought leader in your area of expertise. There is a whole range of content that a business can use to engage with its customers – there can be blogs and newsletters and videos and podcasts and Case Studies and Events and white papers, to name a few. The list can be endless!

  • More Content means a wider reach for you

That is not true. Yes you do need a good amount of content. But sheer volume does nothing for you. You need a good database of great content. Content that is of great value to your audience. And what you do with the content also matters. Just producing the content won’t do. You need to make sure that it is seem by all the right audiences. And what that means is that you need to promote the content that you have produced.

  • Your audience is a business

We live in an age where customers are evolved. They know a lot more than you give them credit for. And they are made up of individuals. Individuals with distinct tastes and interests. With all the data that is available about each of your customers, it is possible to engage with each of them, one on one. Personalization is HUGE these days. Get the data. Get insights about each customer from the data. And use those insights to engage with each of them meaningfully. And that will convert a casual visitor into a loyal customer who goes beyond that and advocates your brand!

  • Your Content rules!

Er … no! Your audience rules. You won’t get very far if your content is all about what you think and feel is the best thing ever. If the content you produce does not address the issues that your audiences are facing and makes it better for them, it won’t be very successful. The key to great content is knowing your customers – one individual by one. You know the situation they are in and what they face. And when your content is tailored in a way that he or she is provided with a solution to the issues they face, you would have made it! And how!

  • Content Marketing is something different from Social Media Marketing.

Well, in a way it is. But the two are linked together in a great way. You produce great content. And you share it with your customers and make your audiences aware of this great content through Social Media. So the content is the fire that can be explosive. And Social Media is like gasoline that can take things very far. As I said earlier, content is the fodder for all your Social Media activities. You create great content and then you share it on Social Media to make people aware of it.

  • Content Marketing should be about the products and services that you offer

Of course you need to make sure that the products and services you offer should be written about / talked about / filmed – but that is not what content marketing should cover. Once you know your customers, you know their pain points, their interests – what they want to know. And your content should be tailored to cover that. Find subjects that are relevant to your audience. And build your content around that. So you would emerge as someone who provides solutions to problems that your customers might be facing – and as a thought leader and an expert in your area of specialization.  And that will make people trust you as an entity – and will make them eager to try and advocate your products and services.

  • Content Marketing is Instant Magic

Nothing can be further from the truth. Content Marketing – like Social Media Marketing – takes time. The magic does not happen overnight. Of course there are those “viral” phenomena that take the world by storm. But those don’t come by every day. Rome wasn’t built in a day. So if you have just gotten into Content Marketing, and you are impatient to see results, hold your horses just a little bit longer. It will happen. But it won’t happen as quickly as you hoped it would.

  • Content Marketing is a one-time thing

No it isn’t – you need to keep producing great content consistently. You can’t sit back and relax and breathe easy after putting together some awesome content. Your audiences need to know that you are always there as a consistent source of inspiring and relevant content. So don’t just create some content and shut things down! Keep at it. Keep blogging. Keep sending out those newsletters. Keep posting on Social Media. Keep those podcasts coming! Don’t stop!

  • Content Marketing is a one way street

Content Marketing is not about creating content and spouting it from the rooftops. It is a means to engage with your customers. So watch those comments that you get for your blog. Track the effectiveness of each email newsletter you send out. And when you see a customer comment on Social Media, make sure you respond. It is a 2 way street. Don’t preach! Engage!

Content Marketing is all about Inbound Marketing – when you draw your customers and audiences in, to you. So create great content – promote it and engage with your customers meaningfully. And then the magic will happen.


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