9 Foolproof Ways to Increase Your Instagram Followers

Friday 01st, April 2016


In the previous posts, we have seen about the importance of Instagram and how we can effectively leverage it to the fullest. Having said that, any user engagement comes from the kind of followers you have and most importantly the number of followers.

Time and again we have found that the most effective way to gain followers in any social medium is by providing quality content and keeping the people engaged. Successful people and brands employ various techniques to stay in the limelight. You can replicate the same and reap benefits.

Let’s see some of the techniques by which you can increase your follower count.

  1. Use Hashtags

Everyone loves hashtags, people active in Instagram in particular. The more you include them in you pics, more are the chances of your pic going viral.

Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags that can be added in a single post. You need to make the most of it and include as much relevant tags as possible.

  1. Color matters

There are some colors that are pleasing to the eye and some are not. And this makes a huge difference in a visual medium like Instagram.

Studies have found that images with green, blue and gray attract the most number of likes and those with pink, yellow and orange get minimum attention. So the next time you post, keep the color palette in mind.

  1. Include Faces

This might come as a surprise for most people. Studies conducted with face-detection software has found that images with faces attract more likes than others. Naturally any pic that accumulates lot of likes is bound to get some followers.

‘We are attracted to faces and we like to see other people’ is the common thought among people. Human nature is universal, isn’t it?

  1. Socialize

It isn’t called social media for nothing! If you’re on a social network, you ought to do the obvious- socialize!

Respond to the comments that you receive and leave comments of your own and other people’s work. However do this with some grace. Instead something clichéd like ‘lovely dress’, try leaving something more honest and genuine.

  1. Run a Contest

This works well when you have something to give away say goodies. Run a contest!

Ask your followers to repost a specific image and tag you in the caption. Or create a hashtag of yours and use it for every repost. Ideas are plenty but it’s about the implementation. Contests when run successfully can prove really effective for your business.

  1. Geotag Your Photos

Posting a cool restaurant where you dined recently? You can geotag it! This way, the people who use the same geotag can see your picture and there are chances that they’ll like and share it. Also it implies that you have lot in common with the people where you’ve dined. This way you can get exposure of your brand and attract followers.

  1. Research About Your Audience’s Interests

While creating content, it is important that you have the idea as to what clicks with the audience. Do your research.

To start with, go back to your old photos and see which ones have gained the maximum likes and comments. Try and figure out the possible factors. Also do a competitor analysis and find out how they approach the audience. Figure out the themes that resonates well.

  1. Avoid Over-Editing

Natural images are pleasing to the eyes. Studies suggest that over-edited pictures are often overlooked by users. Who likes to stare at a picture that is not easy to the eyes?

Images with controlled level of saturation and less filters manages 598% more followers. Massive, isn’t it? Lesson learnt – Keep it simple. Keep it natural.

  1. Timing Is Important

This is one question that everyone wants to know! What is the magical time to publish your posts?

It has been found that posts attract maximum visitors in the evening. According to Hootsuite, the best time to post on Instagram is around 8.00 PM in the evening. This is when the North American audience is ending their day and Australian & Asian markets are beginning it. So if you time your posts between 7 to 9 PM, you’ll target maximum people.


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