4 Strategies to Maximize Your YouTube Marketing Results

Tuesday 26th, April 2016

In the previous post, we learnt why YouTube is still is powerful marketing platform providing vast returns to the marketers.

Coming up with a YouTube marketing plan can be tricky and time consuming. But when you figure out what kind of content you’re going to create, YouTube can amplify your reach multi-fold.

And the fun part- YouTube is always free!

So with that in mind, let’s take a look at the strategies that can help amplify your video-marketing efforts.

Create Popular/Viral Content

Content is the king!

Everything comes down to what the content is all about.

Your approach should be oriented towards your target audience and should solve their problems. In simpler terms, your content should be unique, solves a problem, adds value and satisfies the user demands.

Your content should be populist and should immediately and uniquely convey the message that you want to put out. Also poor content is penalized in the Google SERPs. Hence the viral factor depends on how much value your content delivers to the audience.

Brand Your Channel

Creating a brand from the ground up is a difficult task- it needs time and high quality engaging content. Marketing plays an important role in branding your channel.

YouTube channels such as TED and MKBHD have gained expert status and command a premium in their respective domains. But how did they achieve this enviable position?

They roll out top quality useful content and they market them extensively across social networks.

Some ways in which you can brand your content:

  • Your channel thumbnail and cover picture should feature the name of your brand in BLOCK letters – they should ‘scream’ your name. Visibility is all it matters!
  • Promote your channel extensively on all your social media accounts. You need to make sure people check out your channel regularly. Promote it on Facebook, Google+ and even in your email signature.
  • Design a compelling thumbnail of your channel.
  • Use the watermark at the bottom of every video telling people to subscribe. Subscriber count is the first thing that attracts a customer.
  • Encourage your audience to comment and share your videos on social media.
  • Social media mentions of your channels are valuable – for they can get quality backlinks to your site.
  • Above all create unique, compelling content.

Get Your Channel Optimized

SEO works everywhere. Your channel should be ‘findable’ by the search engines. Given that YouTube is owned by Google, its search algorithm is pretty much similar to that of the latter.

Videos often appear in the first page for certain search queries. Hence your focus should be on optimizing your videos every way possible.

Some tips on how to get the technical stuff optimized:

  • First and the foremost element that a viewer sees is the title of the video. Include a catchy title that can get a click. It should be enough to generate the curiosity about the content. Ensure your keywords are included in the first few phrases of the title.
  • Your video description should clearly specify the details of the video – about the content, additional information, credits etc.
  • Group similar videos into a playlist with a similar theme. It’s easier for the viewers to watch the videos on the go.
  • Embed the YouTube videos on your site. This will increase the value of the page and will increase the website visits as well.

Use YouTube Ads

Industry experts view advertising as the ‘last frontier’ to promoting your channel.

Julie Perry, the social media director at BLAST media reports, “People are coming [to YouTube] and directly entering in search queries of what they’re looking for… You can bid on those keywords just as you would Google pay-per-click. But instead of a text ad coming up on the right-hand side as it does on Google, you get a video and a thumbnail of a video.”

And the best part is that you can bid on pennies which are way cheaper than it that of Google and Facebook.

Videos with very less views need promotion till they can generate organic traffic. You can run your ads on popular channels similar to yours – giving a hint to the viewers to the kind of content they can expect.

Ideally promoting your video till it reaches 100 visitors is a good strategy. Once the threshold level is reached, your marketing strategies should come into place so that your videos can get traffic organically and generate user interaction. Everything depends on the kind of advertisement you create for your channel – it must be creative, innovative and instantly likable.


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