Social Media and Customer Service

Tuesday 22nd, March 2016

Go on – pick up any article you like on “why a business needs a Social Media presence” – and it will definitely put down “customer service” as one of the most important advantages.

Take for instance the article by Jayson DeMers on Forbes a couple of years ago –




It would appear that Social Media is essential for Customer Service for any business, regardless of the industry, it might belong to!

“Customer service is evolving to match the rapid growth and development of new communication media, and today’s most popular social media platforms are the perfect opportunity to capitalize on that trend.” – Jayson DeMers

But things have changed since then – Social Media as a whole has evolved and continues to change with every day. Customers have evolved and the whole landscape is constantly changing as well. So much so that today things are a little different than they were before.

emarketer 1

This is a recent post from eMarketer.  (

According to this article, there are several reasons why customers don’t turn to Social Media to get their issues resolved.

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Social Media is a great place to complain or vent when they face a problem or find something they don’t like.

Vent, yes. Complain, yes. But expect it to be a place of great customer service?

Not so much!

While the world has gone digital, with everyone using digital channels to communicate, shop, etc. customer service is not very big on Social Media (although customer service is one of the great benefits businesses think they derive from it).

Because an irate customer wants solutions. Quickly. He would rather pick up the phone and yell at someone rather than leave his complaint on social media and wait for someone to see his complaints and respond to it! Studies say that most people expect a reply within an hour of leaving any complaint on Social Media platforms. An angry customer wants answers right away. He does not want to wait for a long time for someone to wake up to his comment on some Social Media platform that a business might track maybe once a day, or if they are more into it, twice.

A consumer who has an issue, would vent on Social Media. Oh he would just love to do that when he is seriously bugged. But when he is looking for answers, he would rather call.

Which means that businesses on Social Media platforms need to either monitor their pages more frequently, address issues instantly, or they need to add a “call” button that an irate consumer can use and be assuaged. Hopefully.


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