How to Use WhatsApp for Your Marketing Strategy- Vol. 1

Wednesday 23rd, March 2016
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In March 2014, Facebook announced that it is acquiring WhatsApp for a staggering $19 billion (yes, that is nineteen followed by nine zeroes!). WhatsApp is arguably the world’s fastest growing communications app. Given that it was created only 5 years ago, with ZERO marketing budget, WhatsApp has crossed 700 million active users and is the most widely used messaging service in most markets.

What makes WhatsApp so special?

  • Users can share unlimited text, audio, video messages for free.
  • Cost- a mere $1 to download.
  • A clean and simple UX.
  • Fast and secure messaging platform.
  • Most importantly- an advertising free experience.

If you look at Asia and India, in particular, you’ll find that it is more popular than Facebook and it has already replaced SMS and is fast becoming our primary mode of communication.

It’s fairly easy to concur that it has exponentially grown and became a serious competition to Facebook- forcing it to buy WhatsApp.

Why Should You Use WhatsApp for Your Marketing Efforts?

We’ve already discussed the reach of WhatsApp and the rate at which it is growing. While social media is a great way to promote your products, instant messaging was never really considered to be a viable platform for marketing. With WhatsApp, however, marketers have realized the huge potential and the subscriber base it has, that can be tapped to a great extent.

Let’s look at some reasons as to why you should invest in WhatsApp marketing:

  • Huge Subscriber base– it’s no secret that WhatsApp is the world’s largest IM service. With over a million people joining every day, it is also the fastest growing instant messaging service. There is no reason why you should shy away from such a huge audience. Given that, it’s a closed environment and it is not easily reachable, you can definitely target your audience with a few hacks.
  • The most intimate social app- An average user checks WhatsApp messages at least 7-8 times each day. Now just ask yourself how often and how long you spend your time using WhatsApp each day. It is miles ahead of its competition. We don’t think of WhatsApp as a social medium but in reality, it is. We use it to communicate with our family, friends and with a small group of people. It is the most intimate and personal IM app that we use to share images and videos with our dear ones.
  • Fast and Mobile ready- It is common for us to share links and content with our friends. While tagging our social media channels, you can also tag your WhatsApp pin in the blog in order to promote your content. You can use the plugins in WordPress to add the WhatsApp share button. When you have a sizable amount of your audience in WhatsApp, going for a share button is definitely helpful. Now that Mobile responsive is a ranking factor, it has become even more important to go mobile and integrate all your marketing efforts.

In the succeeding post, we’ll see about the ways in which you can leverage WhatsApp for your marketing efforts.


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