Digital Marketing Tips That Will Dominate In 2016- Part 1

Monday 14th, March 2016

Digital_marketingThere is no denying the fact that technology is, and will continue to dominate the way we do business. Be it running ads in mass media or the more subtle, social media platforms. Everywhere we are consuming content. However what really clicks is the original, quirky and innovative content that captures the pulse of the audience.

With content marketers, there is always this struggle to come up with the best possible content will go viral. No matter what you do, there is always a strategy in place that will compensate for the stale content. With the onset of 2016, the world has really gotten shorter and smarter. New challenges in reaching audience and intelligent marketing is the need of the hour.

Let’s look at some of the tips that will dominate in the coming year.

Artificial Intelligence in Content Generation

We are living in exciting times. AI is fast getting integrated in our day-to-day lives. Robots are learning our behavior and adapting to the changing circumstances. Similarly for content promotion, software is learning the consumption habits of the people, their viewership and the social media sharing of the promoted content.

Through complex algorithms, customized content is being generated and pushed out on social media channels. This trend is gaining traction and will continue to dominate in the years to come.

Increased Focus on Fringe Social Hubs

For the last couple of years, new social media are evolving and are expanding like anything. For the past decade Facebook and Twitter have dominated the social media advertising space. However with the rise of the so-called fringe social hubs such as Instagram and Pinterest, brands are increasing focusing on allocating budgets to leverage the tech-savvy younger generation. Big brands that have been initially hesitant on investing in these emerging hubs, have started taking them seriously.

Instagram in particular has a good advertising potential and everyone is gearing up to make the most of it. Similarly Pinterest boasts of 50 billion pins and a clever sign-up strategy advertised as ’15 seconds to sign up’ is very popular among E-commerce websites.

Rise of Aggregated Content

Content aggregation in the simplest of terms is the collection of information based on a particular topic consisting of one or more keywords. Often aggregating other people’s content provides a broader perspective on the topic you’re focusing on.

Some examples where content aggregation happens are News feeds, Hashtags in Twitter and in search engine result pages (SERP). To have an efficient content strategy, an appropriate mix of content curation and content aggregation is necessary. Aggregated content proves to be great tool since it involves automated software searching for people’s work on the web and provides you with a complete set of resources to work with.

Advertising on Social Media

Ever since we’ve known digital marketing, Facebook and Twitter have dominated the advertising space. With the advent of new players and innovative advertising opportunities, these media channels have innovated themselves so as to maintain their status of prime advertising properties. Sponsored content has been aggressively pushed by Facebook in order to encourage brands to come up with innovative story telling ideas.

According to statistics in 2015-

  • Facebook saw a growth of 80% in promoted posts.
  • Twitter advertising grew 75% in 2015.
  • LinkedIn benefited from 65% growth.

Since organic reach has saturated, paid options are opening up to position and market your brand almost on all social channels. Be it Snapchat or Instagram, everywhere marketers are queuing up to reach maximum people.


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