Digital Marketing that Works

Thursday 03rd, March 2016

There are several aspects or components of a digital marketing strategy that we are exploring one by one – but overall, in general, there are a few ideas to keep in focus in order to have an effective strategy that works.

 First of all – Know your Customer

This is the basic bottom line of any marketing activity. Do you know who your customers are? Where can you find them? Do you know what they are interested in? What their pain points are?

Are you using all the data that you can get about your customers from various touch points to derive meaningful insights about them?

A good marketer collects all the data about his customers, gets a single view of each individual, derives insights about him and builds his strategy, powered by this information.

Know what you want to achieve

Do you have a set of goals clearly listed out? Without that, you would be tempted to just about try everything. When you start out on your digital marketing, if you have a clear set of goals that you hope to achieve through this activity, you will be able to go down avenues that work and try tools that will do the job for you.

Unless this happens, every digital channel will seem like an attractive proposition. Every marketing tool will sound like the answer to all your problems.

And at the end of the day, you would be left wondering what you did wrong despite all the effort and the investment. So first, list your goals out. Clearly.

Know how you will achieve your goals

This takes some serious thinking and planning. Like I said before, unless you have a well-laid out plan in front of you, every digital channel will seem like the way to go. And every tool will seem like the answer you have been looking for. You need to know your customers and where they are. You need to know what you plan to achieve through your marketing efforts. And then you make a plan – don’t get into any marketing without having all this clearly thought through.

Make everything Measureable

This is vital. Give yourself a set time frame (make that measureable – decide what you want to achieve and by when). Use all the tools that are available to evaluate how each of your campaigns is doing.  Tweak those that are not working well, in order for them to work better. Constantly measure them in order to make them work better for you. Measure the efficiency of all your marketing efforts. Are you getting the kind of return on your investment that you had hoped to get? Do the math and make it work better for you.

When you have a clear strategy and a plan, and when you have the all-powerful data in your hands, you can ace this thing called digital marketing and achieve what you set out to do!


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