Digital Marketing Mistake 4

Friday 18th, March 2016

Forgetting about Social Media

You may have a fabulous website, a great product, an emailing list that stretches miles but if you have forgotten about Social Media, you are missing out on a lot! And what is more, it is a huge digital marketing mistake!

What was considered to be just a platform for individuals to connect and share what they had for dinner or their latest heartbreak, is actually a powerful digital marketing aspect that no business should ignore.

Social Media is a great way for a business to build their brand digitally. It is an easy way to share information – news as well as product info – to customers. You can track what people are saying about you and your competition. You can find out what your customers think and feel and want. And you can spread your reach over a wider range of people.

Of course there are different Social Media platforms, each with its different characteristics that are unique to it and each drawing a different kind of people to it. Each Social Media platform calls for different strategies to make it work.

So what can Social Media do for your business?

  • You can make your brand popular and increase brand loyalty
  • You can humanize your brand – bring the human element to your brand which will make it easier for people to connect with.
  • Great way to interact with new and existing customers, learn about them, get a lot of insights into customer behavior and attributes, make meaningful connections and build stronger relationships with them
  • It helps in increasing conversion rates, reduces marketing costs and helps increase inbound traffic.
  • You could attract new customers
  • You could tell everyone about what your offerings are
  • You can find out what people think about you and your business and the competition!
  • With the data that you collect through the various social media tools, you can make informed marketing and business decisions. Like build personas, for example.

Experts tell us that with the organic online marketing efforts growing, Google will rely heavily on social media signals for SEO. Content on Social Media platforms need to scale up to new and different requirements. Facebook has a new algorithm for its News Feed where timely and relevant posts that provide value to customers will enable businesses to show a strong presence. Twitter’s new search engine values hashtags, images, and links in Tweets, making those list higher up in Twitter’s search engine results. Businesses need to have a clear set of social media marketing goals and a strategy to achieve those goals. They need to do a lot of listening – to pick up what audiences are saying about them and their brand. Each platform has a unique character – and needs. It is important to offer native content that is relevant and which offers value.

Social Media is also growing as a channel through which businesses offer customer service – since any issues can be addressed instantly in real time.

And how do you achieve this?

  • Use Social Media to listen. See what people say about you, your competition, what they want / Need / what they don’t like, and what they are interested in.
  • Build a website that is built well, looks good and works great in answering all the questions that your audience might have. This is the place that your audience goes to, in order to find out about you.
  • Set down a plan – decide what channel you would use, who the people are that you are targeting and what your goal is. Even plan how much time you will spend on Social Media. This will help you structure your content, decide on the tone that you would adopt, etc. But everything starts with a plan.
  • There are a great many tools that can measure how good your content is to let you know that you might want to improve things a bit. That is a great investment to make.
  • Create and post great content – and create and post great content consistently. Make sure there is variety. It is not a good idea to overwhelm your audience with the same kind of content, over and over.
  • Some content will do well on some sites rather than on others. A one size fits all strategy won’t really work. Each Social Media site has specific kinds of audiences and the corresponding kinds of content that work best there. For example, Pinterest is a great place for visual content.
  • Each Social Media site has its own unique character and marketing on one is not the same as marketing on another. Study each Social Media platform and understand it thoroughly before getting into it. There are plenty of free tutorials on how to do this.
  • Make sure that the content that you put out there is shareable. Make it easy for your readers to share. When they share the content, it helps introduce a whole new world to you – who you are and what you do.


Be there on Social media. Be consistent. Listen intently. And be patient – building audiences and widening your reach take time. But don’t neglect Social Media.


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