Digital Marketing Mistake – 2

Wednesday 16th, March 2016

Big Digital Marketing Mistake –  Not having a clear Digital Strategy or Goal

Many businesses dive headfirst into digital marketing without thinking things through. “X does it and so must I!” “Y has bought this marketing automation tool, and I had better do that too!”

They have no specific goal in mind – they get into it because that is the thing to do.

Huge mistake!

Digital Marketing needs goals and a strategy – and these ought to be measurable and trackable. Otherwise you don’t know what your ROI is or what the benefit of a campaign is on your marketing efforts, for example. It will help you make the right decisions to make a business’s presence online, successful.  It should involve something that tracks all the various touchpoints of your business and customer experience.

But the sad truth remains that not all businesses have a plan when it comes to digital marketing. There has been a rush for everyone to get on the digital space and a plan has very often been overlooked. And there are so many platforms and tools like the various jars of candy in a candy store – you just run in the direction of what is appealing to you.

But when it comes to digital marketing, this doesn’t work well at all – as anyone can see. It is absolutely vital that you first set goals – goals that are realistic and far-reaching. And you need a clear strategy to work towards meeting those goals within a fixed time frame.

So how do you do this?

Set your goals first.

You goal should be very clear –  you need to clearly put down, in no uncertain terms, what you hope to achieve through these marketing efforts. This will help in decision making, will help improve work efficiency and provide overall clarity in terms of what you hope to get done through digital marketing. Goals need to be specifically about the digital marketing efforts that you are planning to run. Not about the organization as a whole.

Your goals need to achievable – goals might push you beyond what you can normally do, make you stretch, but that doesn’t mean you put down goals that are simply impossible to achieve. If you do that, you set yourself up for failure and that destroys the mood of the whole team.  You need to know the kind of resources you have – the budget. The people. The time.  And then set your goals based on this. Push the limits – but be realistic.

Good goals are goals that can be tracked and measured. It is not a good idea to be vague about goals – in which case, they can’t be tracked to see if they achieve what they set out to do. Only then can you measure the quality of each campaign. And only then can you tweak it into something that performs better. So make sure that your goals can be measured.

You goals need to be relevant to the larger picture – that is the business as an entity itself. Every business entity has objectives – and your digital marketing goals should be in line with those objectives. It is not a good idea to do something tangential to this. Keep your eyes on your business objectives when setting the goals for your digital marketing – otherwise the whole thing is an exercise in futility.

Set a time frame for the goals to be achieved – make sure that your plan is not vague. Especially when it comes to time frames. Only when you set clear goals that need to be met within a certain time, can you evaluate the efficiency of the whole process. You can measure it – and you can check how well it is working.

And then you need a detailed plan to make these goals and strategy work. It is not enough to just have specific goals that are relevant and measurable. It is important to have a detailed plan of action that lists out just how you plan to achieve those goals.

Keeping up with the Joneses is not a good thing in general. More so when it comes to businesses and digital marketing. Don’t go down a route just because everyone else is doing it. Look at your business’s goals, and then set realistic targets for your digital marketing – and then have a detailed blue-print to achieve all these goals.



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