Digital Marketing Ideas That Will Dominate In 2016- Part 2

Tuesday 15th, March 2016


In the previous post we learnt about some trends in Digital Marketing that are shaping the marketing strategies of various businesses. Let’s look into some other tips that will continue to play a major role in online marketing.

Balancing SEO, SEM and Analytics

We’ve always heard about the importance of SEO in the organic results. Yet, when you’re out there trying to put content and bring business in, you need much more than optimizing your Meta data. A proper balance between SEO, your online advertising efforts, an effective analytics system and your UX is absolutely necessary to see the light of the day.

You need to treat everything equally and give equal importance to each aspect of your content marketing efforts. Only then can you reap rewards and generate sales for your business.

Influencer Marketing

What a delight it is to have an influential figure in the industry you operate, endorse your product. More often than not, it has become more of a practice wherein brands approach influential intellectuals and experts to use their products and provide a review.

What has caused this is a shift in the way people buy products and services. Since expert views are considered seriously and respected, any opinion about a product will significantly boost the public opinion about that brand. Companies are leveraging influencers to generate higher sales numbers and this trend is showing no signs of stopping anytime soon.

To second the argument, a study by McKinsey provides important details:

  • 35% more retention rate than paid ads.
  • A ROI of $9.6/$1 in 2015, increase from $6.85 in 2014.

Brands tapping into the influencer’s audience has proven to be a very cost effective strategy and will be on the top of the marketers’ charts this year.

Rise of Mobile Marketing (Even Higher)

We’ve spoken a lot about how mobile is changing industries and how it’s gaining important grounds in online marketing. It is here to stay.

Almost all the search engines and major social media are channelizing their strategies that are mobile friendly. According to statistics, mobile is taking over desktops by 2018. Your marketing strategy should definitely target mobiles (site and apps), to gain customers.

You should publish content in mobile friendly format and in a readable format. Provide your contact details in SERP’s. Make yourself visible.

Increased Usage of Visual Media

YouTube has proven to be a powerful medium, for it provides videos for the audiences to consume. Attention span of the visitors is going down by the day and we need to create innovative content in the form of audio-visuals to survive in the online space.

Interactive content such as GIFs dominate the newsfeeds of most people. Visual content with minimal text is the most preferred format right now. Timeline of any average Facebook user is sure to have an animated GIF or an image telling a particular story. Story telling has gone through drastic changes and text is no more a preferred format. Videos and animations are the way marketers have to invest in, to gain audience attention.

Introduction of Knowledge Graphs

Google is known to make changes in the search algorithms often to provide maximum value to the users. Last year it introduced something called a Knowledge Graph that provides answers to some often repeated search queries.

The key behind that is that Google searches for repetitive long tail keywords that require answers in a word or a sentence. Then it traces the answer from trusted sources and publishes the result.

Knowledge graphs are particularly important for 2 reasons. First, it provides a potential to highlight your website for the search queries. The answer that precedes the question includes the link from where that is taken. Second is the SEO power that is gained due to the featured answer. It boosts your site up the search rankings. Sweet deal, isn’t it?

Personalization of Content

The world is getting closer and personal. Software has gotten smarter and can automate the personalization of messages. Right from E-mails to promo offers, personalized and customized targeting of customers has become the norm. Also it has become easier to track the user activity and provide appropriate suggestions to increase sales. Sensing the importance of personalization, businesses are rushing to take advantage of this and increase their sales efforts. Rest assured, this trend will continue to dominate the online marketing efforts.


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