Digital Marketing Mistakes – 1

Tuesday 15th, March 2016

Big Digital Marketing Mistake – not knowing who your customer is!

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Everyone makes mistakes. Even seasoned digital marketers. One of the biggest mistakes that most marketers make is that they don’t know who their customer is.

At the heart of any successful marketing program, is a business that knows who his customer is. And in the digital age, it is suicidal not to. They say that a successful businessman knows his customer as well as or even better than he knows his own family.

They know everything about a customer – their wants, their needs, what they buy, how they buy and how often. They know their names and ages, gender and how much they make. They know their home addresses and their digital one too. They know their education level and what they do to make a living. They know if they are married and how many children they have. They know what they are interested in and what their hobbies are. They even know what their customers watch on TV, what they read and listen to.

Only those businesses who have this kind of knowledge about their customers and use it to their advantage, are successful. Only then can they offer solutions to their customers’ problems. Or give them the right products or send them the right message at the right prices, at the right places and at the right time. Businesses are able to offer their customers a very positive customer experience.

And those who don’t have this kind of knowledge about their customers, or those who do not use it to their advantage, end up failing. One would think that this is one of the first things a marketer or a business does – but it is surprising to see how many people just miss out on so much by just not getting a good understanding about their customers.

Remember Kodak Cameras? At one time, just about everyone on the planet had a camera and used their film. And then what happened? Everyone moved to digital images while Kodak held its ground with those good old cameras and film.

The big mistake that many companies make is that they think they are the centers of their own universe. Which is a natural thing – considering that they would be thinking about what they offer all the time. The trouble comes when businesses think that they are as important to their customers as they are to themselves. And when they don’t make any effort to understand and know their customers, they continue on being delusional in this aspect.

When sales start to dip, where should one turn? To one’s customers of course. To find out what they are thinking or feeling – figure out where the gap between what you offer and what they want, lies.

It is also important to know what kind of media your customers use. What channel they are most comfortable when they want to engage with you. If you have a product that a young demographic would consume, but insist on marketing this through traditional channels, you might miss be missing the mark entirely. Just as it is important to know who your customers are, it is important to know what channels they use. You might think it is the best thing to build a presence on Twitter but your target audience and your customers are all on LinkedIn. So where does that leave you?

Knowing your customers and knowing the channels they use is vital to the success of a business and its marketing.

So how does one do this? How can you really know your customer?

By getting all the data about a customer from all the various touchpoints and channels, consolidating and analyzing it, and deriving meaningful and actionable insights from this.  That’s where it all lies. Don’t only look at what he or she buys. That is just one side of this whole puzzle, if you will. Look beyond that. You could use simple and non-intrusive forms to ask for information about himself which would flesh out what you already know.  Several people completely ignore Social Media – which is actually a treasure trove of information about the customer. Use every possible way to find out more and more about each customer who favors, buys and uses your product or your service.

And based on this, you need to make sure that you stay attractive and relevant to your customers, one individual at a time.



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