Social Media and Digital Marketing

Friday 26th, February 2016

A very important aspect of digital marketing is Social Media marketing. It is one of the best ways to build and increase the presence of your brand on the Internet. A great way for businesses to spread information about its goods and services among its customers, it is a great for meaningfully engaging with them too. While traditional media is more of a one-way street, where you just consume content and that’s pretty much it, Social Media lets you interact – lets you engage with your customers, which leads to the strengthening of relationships with them.

Advantages of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing helps in many ways –

  • You can make your brand popular and increase brand loyalty
  • You can humanize your brand – bring the human element to your brand which will make it easier for people to connect with.
  • Great way to interact with new and existing customers, learn about them, get a lot of insights into customer behavior and attributes, make meaningful connections and build stronger relationships with them
  • It helps in increasing conversion rates, reduces marketing costs and helps increase inbound traffic.
  • You could attract new customers
  • You could tell everyone about what your offerings are
  • You can find out what people think about you and your business and the competition!
  • With the data that you collect through the various social media tools, you can make informed marketing and business decisions. Like build personas, for example.

Experts tell us that with the organic online marketing efforts growing, Google will rely heavily on social media signals for SEO. Content on Social Media platforms need to scale up to new and different requirements. Facebook has a new algorithm for its News Feed where timely and relevant posts that provide value to customers will enable businesses to show a strong presence. Twitter’s new search engine values hashtags, images, and links in Tweets, making those list higher up in Twitter’s search engine results. Businesses need to have a clear set of social media marketing goals and a strategy to achieve those goals. They need to do a lot of listening – to pick up what audiences are saying about them and their brand. Each platform has a unique character – and needs. It is important to offer native content that is relevant and which offers value.

So how do you market and market well on Social Media?

Basically it is all about doing 3 things –

  • Listening to your audience
  • Telling them your message
  • Making that message shareable

Do these well and Social Media will be a formidable part of your overall digital marketing.


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