Skore condoms fail to score

Wednesday 03rd, February 2016

Skore is an Indian brand of condoms. I came across a recent TV campaign for the brand and read the accompanying interview with the company’s brand head.

The campaign is built around the premise that condoms are no longer just a male product. That women have some say in the decision to purchase, if not use a condom.

Now, this is interesting. Clearly, Skore has latched on to a trend that is increasingly becoming evident in major Indian cities. That women are getting to be increasingly sexually independent and making choices that works for them. Which means, they also feel the need to be sure that they’re well-protected.

This is a good enough insight. One that definitely goes against traditional condom advertising with their cliched images of sweaty, writhing bodies.

However, where Skore seems to have definitely slipped up is in their choice of advertising execution. The commercial features two women, one of whom is a security officer at an airport and is patting down an attractive female traveller. The search turns up a pack of condoms stuffed into the woman’s hip pocket.

Now, exploring the lesbian angle seems to have become a bit of a trend in Indian advertising over the last year or so. A number of advertisers in various categories such as garments, contraceptives etc have explored the theme.

Where Skore seems to have fallen flat is the very apparentness of the idea. I came across an interview with the head of the brand who insisted that any reference to lesbianism was implicit and in the eyes of the viewer! Does he seriously take the consumer to be a moron?


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