Going Digital – Have a Plan

Monday 22nd, February 2016

Going digital is no longer an option. It is mandatory. In order for a business to survive and thrive, it is imperative to go beyond the physical, if one could put it that way, and leave a strong and noticeable digital footprint.

It is an age of multiple channels and evolved customers. Customers have access to all kinds of technology ranging from smart phones and tablets to fitness bands and watches – all of which seem to do more than just what they were meant to do! Wanting things done the quick and easy way – the need for convenience – is yet another push in the digital direction.

While you may be sure that going digital is the right way, do you have a sound digital strategy in place? Just because you now have a website, does not mean that the world will find you. So how do you incorporate “digital” into your business strategy? And how do you start making a difference in terms of your brand visibility?

The first thing to do is to ask yourself some important questions –

  • Do you have a digital marketing strategy in place?
  • If you said that you needed to have a digital marketing strategy in place, do you know what it takes to do that?
  • You will have business goals. But how does “digital” fit into that?
  • There are so many digital tools that are available right now. Do you know what tools you require that will help fulfil your digital goals?
  • Do you know what tools can help offer the right solution to solve the digital fix you find yourself in?
  • There are so many options to choose from – do you do email marketing? Just do a website? Do you build a website and then make sure it is mobile-friendly? Do you work on optimizing for Search Engines? Do you start blogging? Is it enough to just blog? Get on Facebook or Instagram? Do you tweet? So what is it that you do?
  • There are so many so-called ‘definitive’ guidelines on all things digital. So which one do you follow?
  • So what is the first thing you need to do?

Finding the answers to questions like these is the first step. Once and only when there is some kind of clarity when it comes to a clear strategy can one hope to achieve anything. That is the start. Then you move on to the business of creating awareness about your brand and getting your customers and prospects to engage with you. You start checking and testing to see if your strategy is effective and if it is working. And then you tweak your approach – and create a winning process that will improve your return on investment and your business success.

But getting your thoughts clear about what exactly you want to achieve by going digital is the first step. The rest will follow suit.


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