Analytics and Marketing Automation Tools

Thursday 25th, February 2016


Marketing automation, as we have seen is basically software that works on very well-defined business processes. It helps you sort people based as personas or segments.  And most importantly it ‘scores’ people based on their propensity to convert from a casually interested prospect into a fully engaged paying customer.  It has the ability to send the most relevant messages to customers at exactly the time that is most useful to them.

Marketing Automation brings many advantages to a business. But the most useful feature according to most people who use such tools, is the benefit that analytics brings.

Ascend2’s Marketing Automation Trends report found that 51% of respondents see analytics and reporting as the most useful feature of marketing automation software.

The advantages are truly many –

  • It is possible to get to know your customers really well. Based on the data that the customers have provided, and on their preferences, it is possible to know them well.
  • Knowing your customer goes a long way in letting a business know what works for them and what doesn’t. It lets you pick up on any problems they might have, that might need addressing and helps you offer a solution that would make a difference to their lives.
  • Based on all the data that you are able to get from a marketing automation tool, it is possible to make decisions and strategies that are powered by the insights that are derived from them. Which would be the most effective kind.
  • Knowledge about your customers helps you to know them and serve them better.
  • Data-driven decision making is possible at various levels
  • It is possible to generate various kinds of reports – based on the messages that were sent and customers’ responses to them. Based on these reports, you can tell how a particular campaign was doing. And tweak or modify campaigns to get better results.

Some of the best Marketing Automation Tools include –

  • Marketo – – this is the most well-known tool, comes loaded with features, even some that go beyond basic Marketing Automation
  • Eloqua – eloqua.conm – it is fully-loaded and provides great service.
  • Hubspot – – offers a variety of tools, one of which is marketing automation. Does lots of things, but not one thing in depth.
  • Userfox – has a light interface. Triggers emails based on events.
  • io – – flexible, lightweight and can be customized.

There are several others – and great ones – as well. Find one that suits your business requirements and budget and you are good to go!


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