Cognitive Marketing – What Does This Mean To Your Business?


With all the developments that have been taking place in the marketing space in the past decade, the conventional ‘in-your-face’ marketing no longer works. A smart marketing professional understands the link between a consumer’s material desires and his response patterns. This process of discovering the link between our desires and the need to nurture them…

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Why Marketers Should Upgrade to IBM Campaign V10.0


In today’s digital age, engaging with a customer at the point of his need, at the right time and at the right place is the differentiator on a vast playing field where there are hundreds of players selling similar products across diverse locations and channels. But understanding and knowing a customer, knowing what he wants,…

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5+ Ways Banks Can Retain Customers

Banking is a highly competitive industry – banks compete with each other, with non-banks and other financial institutions as well. The thing is that banking products are easy to duplicate and at the end of the day, all of them provide nearly identical services. What distinguishes one bank from another are the prices they offer…

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Why YouTube Is a Powerful Social Media Marketing Tool

In 2016, Instagram and Snapchat have established themselves as the fastest growing social networks. However, there is one social network that is an underrated veteran – YouTube. YouTube is more than a decade old that has grown from a video streaming site to the second most visited site on the Internet. With multiple ways of…

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How Mahindra Plans to become the Uber of Tractors

Uber for Tractor? Crazy, isn’t it? Mahindra is gearing up to implement the exact same thing! It is planning to rent tractors to farmers whenever they need them- a strategy that has been made popular by Uber. One might wonder why a leading company in tractor sales would even think about disrupting its own business. Let’s…

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