Word of Mouth Marketing

Tuesday 08th, December 2015

It is as old as the hills. The original social media platform. And one of the most powerful trends in marketing – Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM).

Why is WOMM important?

Because customers trust this the most. And this is something that could drive sales for your company. Nielsen says that as much as 92% of consumers trust any recommendations made by people they trust, like friends or family, over any kind of advertising. Which is why Social Media rides this wave effortlessly. But Social Media marketers seem to be more interested in gathering more followers, instead of actually engaging with or connecting with their customers.

And that is all that it takes for Word of Mouth Marketing to take wing and soar! Engaging with and communicating with customers.

So how can you do that?

  • An easy – well not so easy – way to do this is by always offering excellent customer service and support. That makes customers you fans – and whenever an opportunity comes up, so will your brand.
  • Studies show that customers are willing to trust online reviews almost as much as they do personal recommendations. So if you have a happy customer, have him rate your product or service and also leave a review.
  • If you have loyal customers, you can offer them exclusive deals or offers that are not available to the others. Any kind of exclusivity makes them feel special. And they will be quick to share this excitement with their near and dear ones.
  • Build trust – in many ways. Customers are always happy to rely on a brand that they can trust and will often go further and recommend to others.

But there are challenges in this still, strangely rather immature discipline –

  • Several businesses don’t go beyond adding numbers to their kitty. They don’t focus on influencers.
  • And how do you measure the metrics?

At the end of the day, a happy customer can be the best brand ambassador that you could ask for. His circle trusts him. And one happy customer, begets more. So all you need to do is to engage with your customers and keep them happy. And the magical word of mouth marketing just starts to happen.


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