Let your martech investment not turn into a white elephant

Thursday 10th, December 2015

In the days of old, the Kings of Siam (now Thailand) would make the gift of a white elephant to courtiers who had displeased them. Now, white elephants were considered sacred and could not be disposed of or put to use in any way. The courtier who received the gift had to consider himself blessed as well as punished – it was an expensive proposition to maintain one of these beautiful beasts yet not be able to utilize them well enough.

Looking at some cases where we have done martech implementations, I’m tempted to ask whether the same situation is playing out. Are organizations investing in expensive martech solutions merely because it’s the latest, greatest thing?

Xerago’s own experience suggests that while our clients have been very savvy with identifying and investing in the appropriate solutions, the skills needed to make these investments work are sometimes not easily available.

We have also discovered that in many organizations, there is a reluctance on the part of marketing departments to embrace the language of technology. So many marketing departments we have met have pointed a finger in the direction of their IT departments, saying they would decide. It seems that unless this attitude changes, we’re going to find many marketing departments approving substantial martech investments without an end-goal in sight.


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