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Wednesday 09th, December 2015

text photoWe have more access to information now than ever before – mobile phones and hand-held devices bring this information right to where a person is. And there is an infinite variety of information that is available to anyone – which makes consumers extremely selective about the quality of content that they will consume. Digital technologies transform the way information reaches a customer. Needless to say, the future of a marketing organization depends to a very large extent on ensuring that marketing ties up with IT tools and processes that will enable a more meaningful engagement with their customers.

Initially it felt like search engines revolutionized the way content was delivered to consumers. But very quickly people learnt to manipulate search results and end up on top of the organic search pile through keyword stuffing and bad linking. But Search Engines have gotten smarter – they can spot these, forcing the whole science of using the right keywords in the right way to evolve. Businesses rush to find better solutions to this issue – knowing that otherwise will get nowhere. To stay in the competition, businesses need to develop powerful and useful content like blogs – in other words, have a strong inbound marketing campaign. The content that businesses offer has to be interesting and engaging. Content marketing is huge right now. Many businesses have reported increasing their spend in content marketing according to a study.

Businesses realize that mass emailing doesn’t work quite that well anymore. The consumer is perceptive and discerning. He is not about to put up with irritating sales emails. Nor would he be taken in by empty, bland and self-absorbed propaganda. Instead of this, businesses have now started to profile their clients and engage them in a meaningful dialogue – which would translate into a point of sale later. It is not about sending a message to your customer anymore – it is all about engaging with them. And for businesses to leave a lasting impression of their brand on the consumer’s mind, their websites and targeted landing pages must be optimally designed.

Online communities are big – and they only can grow bigger. These communities influence the purchasing decisions anyone makes. Communities can be a great interface between the business and its customers – building meaningful and engaging relationships which would translate into sales eventually. The mobile revolution has made it mandatory for a business’s success to have a mobile friendly experience to offer its customer. Smart phones have long outsold regular phones and the marketer who seeks to connect with his customer at the right time and right where he is, with the right message would be the one who gets ahead. Businesses are paying close attention to what their customers say – reports and studies track consumer behavior and this is something all marketers should be paying attention to. To know what drives a customer is at the heart of digital marketing.

In today’s digital marketing landscape, inbound marketing and meaningful content is what offers an engaging experience to one’s customers. And that could be the one differentiator that makes all the difference.


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