Campaign Management – the Basics

Wednesday 16th, December 2015

helping hands photoIn today’s digital age, engaging with a customer at the point of his need, at the right time and at the right place is the differentiator on a vast playing field where there are hundreds of players selling similar products across diverse locations and channels.

In such a scenario,

  • 36% of brands find it a challenge to personalize messages across channels
  • 85% of brands say they segment based on broad, simple clustering
  • Not even 10% of top brands are effective at personalization
  • Less than 35% of them don’t even know their customers.

But understanding and knowing a customer, knowing what he wants, and trying to meet that requirement takes some doing. And only when you truly know each customer as individuals will you be able to market to him. Which is where the campaign management system comes in.

What is a Campaign Management System?

The Campaign Management System is a software solution that can handle all the various components of a marketing campaign. It can measure the various elements and components of a marketing campaign – so you know what works and what doesn’t. There is a user-friendly dashboard where you can see vital data and the key outcomes of various marketing efforts. It can even let you see how each part of a campaign works – whether it is viable and makes enough money to pay for itself or not. What was earlier an abstract thing (something that couldn’t be qualified) – marketing – technology now actually lets you get in on how much you get for the investments that you have made.

What does it do?

Campaign management tools help you segment your customers, target them based on this, and manage multichannel marketing messages. The tool lets you work with all the data that you have about your customers, lets you mine that data – process it to derive insights from it, and segment your customers based on any number or criteria. Apart from this it can spot significant events in customers’ lives and triggers marketing campaigns based on this. Truly lets you send out the right message at the right time to the right customers. Apart from this, it will also recommend the next-best-action and help you optimize campaigns.

Which brings us to the next step – strategy. What marketing campaign will you choose? One that targets just about everyone? One that targets a specific segment? Actually neither – you need to engage with each customer as an individual. So how do you do this? How do you identify a customer as an individual in real time? And how do you make sure that the right marketing campaign reaches these individuals in real time? Today’s customer is evolved – and demanding. He expects you to know him and engage with him… well, as him. And through channels of his choice.

Campaign Management in the retail sector is more important today than ever before:

Brands now advertise across channels – the challenge is to deliver consistent and efficient customer experiences across each of them. Not so easy, as new digital platforms are constantly emerging and evolving.

The customer today, has access to a variety of retail outlets or channels – websites, brick-and-mortar stores, direct mail, mobile, social media platforms, mail order catalog, email, etc. But then, he expects individually catered communications. In fact, the channels through which the consumer receives any communication is as important as the message itself! This is further complicated by the fact that he might not always respond in the same channel that you used to engage with him. You might have emailed him. He might leave a comment on your Facebook page! Only if you have a total view of the customer and the channels that he uses, you can respond quickly and the customer gets the same experience, regardless of the channel that he or you use!

And for this to happen, brands will need to personalize campaigns across all channels and use cross-channel campaign management.

Just about everything depends on this.


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