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Wednesday 25th, November 2015

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Apps are big! Did you know that apps account for more than half the time spent on digital media in the world today? Everyone is on one, or wants to make one.  So how do you create an app that would be the next Angry Birds?

You can do this in two ways – either you offer something that nobody else has. Or you offer something to a special niche audience.  Regardless of which way you go, don’t build an app without having a plan of how to market it first.

Then you reach the next phase – you know what kind of app you want to build and have spent your blood sweat and toil building it and it is ready for the world to download and use. What next?

First the sobering facts –

Your app is not alone – there are over a million apps in the app store today. Literally over a million!

The world will not wake up one morning and see the magic that is your app.

So how do you get users to sit up and take notice of your app? Just building a great app alone is not enough to make it the next Angry Birds or Candy Crush Saga! You need to do a lot more –

  • You need a webpage that contains all the information about the app – and from where interested users can download it.
  • If you are sending emails to a prospective customer base, the email must contain a download button so users can download the app right away.
  • The app must be optimized for the App stores like Google Play and the App Store. Right from starting with having the right keywords in the title and description, optimizing an App for App stores in itself is a specialist task. But it needs to be done.
  • Tap Social Media – getting the word around about your app through people who use and love your app, is wonderful.
  • Get those who use your app and love it to review and rate your app. An app with a higher rating has a better chance of appearing in search results. Users also tend to download apps with better ratings when faced with an array of similar choices.

A fatal mistake that many people make is this – they create an app. Market it. Get people to download it. And that’s it. But when it comes to an app, you need to think of marketing it as a continuous, long-term process. Retaining the customers you have, is an important part of this process. Statistics show that 90% of people who download an app, are gone within 6 months. That is a staggering number! Before starting to build the app, you need to know what it is about your app that will make people come back again and again.  Are you giving your customers the kind of value that will make them come back for more? Unless they are given regular upgrades, or added features or some bait that will keep them coming back for more, you could very well lose them.  It pays to remember that with each passing day, more and more apps are being created. And your app has to compete with some of them for attention.

Whoever said apps were easy!


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