Going back to the basics – get a Website

Wednesday 18th, November 2015

internet photoThe first step in going ‘digital’ is to get a website. In this digital age, this is nothing short of essential. While some people want to do it, because everyone else has a website, here are some reasons why it is absolutely imperative for your business and your brand to have an online presence.


  • To tell the world about the products / services that you offer – you may have the most wonderful product under the sun. But if no one knows about it, then there is no point whatsoever. So this is a great way to let the whole world know just what a wonderful product or service you have, to offer. Be as detailed as you can – tell your customers everything – what you have to offer, where you are located, what it costs, if you have business hours, then that, etc.
  • It is said that billions of people go online and use the internet. Most of those people have done some research about a product, got some information, or bought something, etc. online. By having a website, you are letting all these people know that you exist and that they should check you out.
  • And we need to factor in the fact that today’s customer is evolved and very well informed. He is more tech-savvy than the average customer of even 5 years ago. He goes online and googles to find answers to questions he does not know. Having a website is the best way to attract people like these. If they are looking for a hotel or a restaurant, they google! And with some great search engine optimization, that’s exactly where they will find you!
  • Unlike most brick and mortar structures, a webpage stays alive and brightly lit all the time! 24×7. despite Katrinas or Tsunamis. Or maybe not. Depending on where one’s server is located. But you get the drift – you are accessible all the time. If you wish to communicate with your customers, you can just post something on your website. If they have a query, they can either find your number located conveniently in your website, or they can simply send you a mail or message – on your website. Or they can just read up in the very useful FAQs that you have so thoughtfully uploaded on your website.
  • This is a great way to market to your customers – and your prospective ones as well. You can tell them of new offers or discounts and woo them without having to resort to traditional advertising.
  • Beat the competition – and how! Here is the best way in which you can put all your fabulous ideas to work. You can watch the competition like a hawk and beat them at their own game.
  • Face it – it is very professional. That you have a website. And have an email address that is not a gmail or a yahoo address. It just ups your business value to a whole new level.

And it gives you an opportunity to play against the big guys. Now isn’t that something!



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