Does your organisation have a Martech strategy?

Thursday 29th, October 2015

We are still in a time when marketing and technology operate in neatly closed silos. Marketing – so the thinking goes – does not dirty its hands with technology. And those in technology perhaps do not understand the language of marketing sufficiently enough to be able to identify and deploy appropriate solutions.

For years now, my organisation has been talking about the rise of the CMTO or Chief Marketing Technology Officer. Are we any closer to seeing such a professional emerge than when we first spoke about it? We admit not.

For years, we have argued that it is about time that marketing professionals understand that technology brings a dimension that allows measurability and the resulting accountability. It does not matter that you’re in a sector that is currently untouched by technology – say FMCG/CPG, for example. What matters is that you take cognisance of just how quickly the pace of change is sweeping things away.

Did we anticipate that groceries would be sold online a few years ago? Did we anticipate that perishables (food products, dairy products, fruits and vegetables) would be sold in real-time? We see strong business models emerging and what’s more they seem to be quite viable too.

The most important thing you can do for 2016 is to begin thinking about the contours of a Martech strategy, if you don’t have one already. And if you have put the elements in place already you could perhaps evaluate their effectiveness and revise your goals accordingly.


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