Monthly Archives: October 2015

Best Practices in YouTube Optimization: A Complete Guide

30 October, 2015

Do you know that YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine after Google? With over 60 hours of video being added every minute and crossing 800 million visitors every month, YouTube is the largest video sharing website in the…

Does your organisation have a Martech strategy?

29 October, 2015

We are still in a time when marketing and technology operate in neatly closed silos. Marketing – so the thinking goes – does not dirty its hands with technology. And those in technology perhaps do not understand the language of…

Design Thinking – An evolution

28 October, 2015

What does the word ‘design’ mean to you? If you are like me, someone from a traditional marketing/advertising background that word immediately brings distinct connotations to mind. It is what our ad agencies did best for us – an ad,…

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