A huge return on a real small saving. A return called Planet Earth

Wednesday 22nd, April 2015

Xerago, Asia’s largest player in the fast growing real-time and accountable marketing space, is helping raise awareness for this year’s Earth Day. A day on which we demonstrate and reiterate our support for environmental protection.

As an advanced tech firm, Xerago wanted to help save electricity, thereby making the world a cleaner, greener, and less polluted space.

The Question?

Every day, every hour, every second, computers occupy our lives. We spend almost all our working hours with these machines that make our professional and personal lives easier. Like all machines, computers too consume a lot of power. In the everyday sense this may not seem significant but aggregated over a period of time they do consume a lot of electricity. So how do we save electricity? How do we make our computers sip a little less of the juice? How do we cut down carbon emissions? How do we save the planet?

A little introspection and a lot of research led us to our Eureka Moment!!

And here’s what we found.

We discovered that a black screen uses lesser power than a white screen. Yes, the difference may seem insignificant but… enter the compounding effect. This teeny tiny amount of power saved, snowballs into a huge, huge number when aggregated over days, weeks, months, and years. So much so, that it will bring tears of joy to the finance heads of organizations when they look at their energy bills at the end of the year.

So with this amazing insight, what BIG idea did we come up with? No, we didn’t reinvent the wheel but we did, kind of, round it off…

We went about creating a small little app that needs to be pinned to the start menu. Once installed, if this little app sensed that your computer was idle for more than 30 secs and… Voila, instant Blackout!

The app blacks out the monitor when the user does not give any inputs to the computer. Remember the black screen sips lesser juice than a white screen. So there… we’ve started saving a li’l power every second the screen stays black. Think about all the seconds that your computer stays idle with a white screen, consuming more power than a black screen does.

Now do the math, right from less power usage, to lesser electricity bills, to lesser carbon emissions, lesser trees being felled… every little second turns into a huge saving for the planet as a whole.

Have we saved the planet, made it a cleaner, greener place, before we gas ourselves to extinction? Yes, we’d like to think so; albeit saving the planet, one computer at a time.

Click here to download the black-e App.


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