Why great UX is non-negotiable in digital marketing

Saturday 07th, December 2013
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Why great UX is non-negotiable in digital marketingWhen it comes to digital marketing, every little detail matters. In this post, we help you understand why your brand’s user experience should be flawless.

Given that almost every business is trying to hop onto the digital marketing bandwagon, there’s one thing that almost everyone has gone through – at least one instance of terrible website user experience. Whether it’s outdated layouts, irrelevant design or bad microcopy, unimpressive website user experience can turn audiences completely off the business or brand. Great user experiences on the other hand can bring brands a whole host of benefits.

Here are a few reasons why your website needs great user experience.


Though every organization understands and aims to become customer-centric, the truth is that it sounds easier than it actually is. Being a customer-centric organization requires a complete shift in mindset and approach to operations. One of the many ways in which businesses can focus their efforts on customers is through ensuring good UX. It is impossible to have great UX without a sound understanding of the customers’ needs and that is precisely the starting point to being truly customer-centric.

Improved website:

At the risk of stating the obvious, good user experience ensures that you have a pretty great website. The good website, in turn, improves revenue by leaps and bounds.

Happy audiences:

When it comes to making a great digital impression, there’s nothing better than a great website. A website with good user experience demonstrates the brand’s understanding of customer expectations and its willingness to cater to the same. This makes the audience feel valued and appreciated which in turn makes them want to reach out to the brand again.

Better brand perception:

Businesses who meet audiences’ expectations about websites rank high in their opinion. It’s as simple as that.

Greater brand loyalty:

Once a visitor feels that his/her expectations have been met and perception of the business improves overall, chances of the visitor converting to a customer are quite good. Assuming that all other interactions with the brand continue to be great, these visitors can become repeat customers. This means that brand loyalty has been created. Loyal customers then go on to become influential references.

One great example of user experience is the Dropbox website. With a clean minimalistic design, clear focus and solid storytelling, this website achieves everything it is meant to.

So what is stopping brands from having superior UX? Find out Click here to know the UX errors thwarting your efforts.




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