What your social media marketing strategy is missing

Friday 06th, December 2013

what your social media marketing strategy is missingSocial media marketing strategies aren’t always successful. Here are some factors that could stand in the way of social success.

So you’re one of those smart marketers who acted at the right time and designed a social media marketing strategy. This strategy was meant to be part of your overall digital marketing efforts and you had it all figured out. Or so you thought. Until your initiatives stopped working altogether. You then wondered if social media marketing was the right avenue for your business at all. But a nagging doubt at the back of your mind kept telling you that something’s missing from your efforts. Well, you could be right. Read on to know what your social media marketing efforts could be missing?

Lack of watertight strategy

Any business initiative needs a strategy. Not just any whimsical plan but a solid strategy that sets expectations clear, provides a framework for teams to work with and gives the organization a clear direction towards which they should work. A good strategy needs to give teams a clear idea on what the goals are, how they should be achieved, how efforts should be measured and mechanisms for improving and optimizing efforts.

Lack of clearly defined objectives

For any marketing activity to be successful there needs to be clarity in what the objectives for the exercise are. Without clear objectives to work towards, all efforts will be scattered and lacking direction. With clear objectives, teams can also break them down further into daily tasks that have to be accomplished in order to reach those goals.

Lack of audience insight

Knowing your audience has been a prerequisite for sales and marketing from time immemorial. Irrespective of technology, media and devices, businesses always need to know their audience before attempting to influence their perception or make a sale. With widely-available data making this a possibility, marketers should not ignore doing their research before reaching out. Being armed with enough information will help marketers target better, make meaningful engagement and improve brand perception and recall.

Uninteresting content

Social media marketing strategies that don’t include interesting and valuable content for audiences have a gaping hole in them. Engaging content is the best way to get a brand’s message across. Content that doesn’t engage or offer value to audiences make it very difficult for brands to succeed in the social sphere. Meaningful content is not restricted to written content; infographics, videos, podcasts are all newer and more effective ways to keep audiences interested.

Not optimized for search

One of the reasons why social media marketing is highly recommended is because it helps marketers boost their brand visibility in search results. Considering this potential, not optimizing social media content for search would be the most obvious way to ensure failure.

Lack of advertising strategy

One of the great positives of social media marketing is that marketers can advertise to their audiences in a more targeted fashion than otherwise possible. Well targeted advertising can mean better awareness and higher quality of leads.

Lack of personalization

One of the most essential factors for social media marketing strategies to be successful is being social. When communication is automated and not personalized to the audience in question, it will most likely fail to appeal to them. Personalized approach means that marketers make their audiences feel like they’re heard and appreciated.

Misaligned with marketing objectives

Social media cannot be the only avenue that marketers need to focus on. Having said that, social media must work well as a component of the overall marketing strategy of a business. This means that it must align with the marketing strategy in order to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Inappropriate metrics for measurement

Ideally metrics for measurement of social media efforts should be based on the goals and KPIs that are determined at the initial stages of strategy formulation. When metrics are not derived from objectives, it becomes impossible to ascertain how much progress has been made. Mismatched metrics are literally like trying to force the wrong shoes on the wrong feet.

Mismatched talent

Great social media marketing requires teams that have the knowledge, skill and aptitude to work on it. Trying to get existing employees to take on social media marketing as an additional responsibility is almost always a bad idea. Chances of success are higher with dedicated experienced resources working on it.

There still aren’t as many sure answers in social media marketing as one would like. However, following established guidelines can increase one’s chances of success in reaching out to and making a great impression on audiences.


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