Boosting mobile marketing through QR codes

Saturday 21st, December 2013

In the previous post, we described the reasons why QR codes in mobile marketing were under-performing. In this post, we tell you how to fix it.

Devise a watertight campaign

Before hastily deciding to deploy a QR code campaign as part of your mobile marketing strategy, take the time to do your research and plan it out meticulously. From defining objectives to measuring the results, carry out the same steps that you would for a regular campaign.

Provide incentives for people to scan

Most people don’t bother to scan a code because they don’t see anything for them in it. The best way around it? Offer attractive discounts and surprise offers for those who do scan the code. Ensure that the offers are relevant to your target audience.

Place the code right

Most of the QR code campaigns that have failed have often suffered from poor placement of the codes within the ads. Ensure that the code is convenient and legible in terms of size to suit the target audience. The easier you make it, the more likely people are to scan the code.

Test before the launch

Don’t skip the testing phase at any cost. A poorly functioning campaign is the worst thing that could happen for your brand. Testing will ensure that all the factors are right on course.

Design a stunning experience

When customers scan your code, you need to reward them with great mobile experiences. Poor mobile sites, bad design can kill your campaign and irk your target audience.

Track the code

To gauge how the campaign is performing, make sure that you track your code’s effectiveness. This will help you learn what works for the sake of future campaigns.

There have been enough instances of big brands executing great QR code marketing campaigns. For instance, Walmart’s virtual toy store during Christmas 2012 where QR codes underneath products could be scanned to direct to information and purchase options on the catalogs.

As long as marketers keep an eye out to avoid typical pitfalls and empower unique features of the QR codes, they can create the perfect bridge to communicate with the audience.

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