Bringing context to digital marketing

Tuesday 12th, November 2013

How to implement context in your digital marketing

In the previous post, we talked about why context is important in marketing. In this post, we examine how businesses can bring context to their digital marketing programs.

When considering the integration of context into digital marketing programs, it is important for businesses to consider the following:

  • What the purpose of the campaign/program is
  • What devices are your consumers using?
  • Context needn’t be singular. Multiple contexts may exist for a single consumer.
  • Is your data providing an integrated 360-degree view of your customers’ transactions rather than a constricted view?
  • Are you gaining actionable insights from your data to help provide context to your marketing programs?
  • Do you have a robust privacy policy in place that will encourage customers to provide valuable information?
  • Is your marketing program providing value along with context?
  • Is your marketing content dynamic enough to suit the needs of customers who are at different stages in the purchase funnel?

Contextual marketing is anything but a passing fad in the oft-evolving world of marketing. Since mediums to reach consumers and number of competing brands are always going to be on the rise, the only real way to stand out from the crowd is to provide context and value. It isn’t a question of ‘either-or’. Businesses that are more keen on only pushing prospects to buy what they offer are at a grave risk of shutting down.



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