Beyond digital marketing: Wake up to omni-channel marketing Part 2

Beyond digital marketing: Wake up to omni-channel marketing Part 2

In the previous post, we described why it was important for brands to see beyond digital marketing and start adopting omni-channel marketing. Here we provide the concluding part.

Increasing relevance of influence marketing

Influence marketing is not something that has evolved in the recent past. But the benefits it can offer are definitely being more appreciated now. Influence marketing works best with social media marketing strategies for the sheer possibility to reach millions across the globe. While identifying and convincing influencers to recommend the brand genuinely is tricky, it works wonders when executed well. Then again, to do this, brands have to ensure that their social media marketing strategies involve active presence in the right networks.

Change in customer behavior and increased need for instant gratification

Consumers today are impatient owing to the paucity of time they face. They want to know instantly if a particular brand offers what they’re looking for. When they seek out a brand, they do so through various channels and devices. If brand A falls short of meeting their expectations, they waste no time in moving on to brands B, C or D. What’s more, they are big on comparative studies in an instant. So when brand A fails to deliver, it is immediately crossed off from the customer’s mind. The window of opportunity, therefore, is tiny.

Need for marketing innovation

Usually an excess of options leads to confusion. But the contrary seems to have happened with multitudes of marketing channels. Combine millions of distracted consumers with myriad channels and large numbers of competing brands and you get some seriously fierce rivalry. The brands that stand apart from their competitors are necessarily innovative. Don’t agree? Here’s a question. What’s the first brand that comes to your mind for soft drinks? Chances are you thought Coke. This soft drinks giant has been a wonderful example of innovation across continents. Name the marketing approach and Coke seems to have done it all – traditional media advertising, experiential marketing, digital marketing, packaging innovation, viral campaigns and so on. What’s more impressive is that Coke has managed to maintain brand salience across all of its efforts without dilution. When one has such stellar competition, it would be extremely foolish not to consider an omni-channel marketing approach.

So the next time you feel like dismissing omni-channel marketing to be just another variant of multi-channel marketing for retailers or just another fad in digital marketing, ask yourself this question: Do I want to provide an integrated seamless experience or am I happy with my brand carrying out staccato marketing efforts across channels?



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