Mobile Marketing: What not to do

Wednesday 09th, October 2013

Mobile marketing is still a gray area for most businesses. Here are some pitfalls that marketers should avoid at all cost.

In a recent interview, Rohit Dadwal, Managing Director (MD) for the Mobile Marketing Association’s (MMA) Asia Pacific (APAC) branch, mentioned that the Indian has reached a stage of maturity where it no longer necessary to wonder if mobile marketing is a necessary tactic for organizations. While this may largely be true, the fact remains that these mobile marketing programs are still not optimized for success. So what can marketers do (or in this case, not do) to avoid falling victims to unsuccessful mobile marketing programs? Given below are a few pointers.

Adapt your website to mobile devices

While it is one thing to make your website mobile responsive, it is important not to exactly replicate the same experience on another device. One needs to keep in mind that different devices are used differently. Usage patterns and behaviors can provide important clues to what the ideal mobile experience should be.

Avoid communication lags

Mobile experiences need the required content to direct customers in the intended direction. Taking business to the mobile medium doesn’t mean that one should compromise on communicating the important messages.

Missing out the CTA

No matter what the medium of communication, one detail that should never be missed out is the call-to-action. Deploying effective CTA at the right points will prevent customers from getting distracted and moving to other options such as showrooming.

Invaluable experiences

Not all customers naturally take to completing purchase decisions on mobile devices. It makes the act that much more uncommon when the experience provided by the brand doesn’t offer the visitor any value. When the visitor finds what he/she is seeking on your mobile website, he/she is less likely to stray away from your offer.

Violating privacy

Marketers today are always grappling with privacy concerns. This is made worse by the fact that mobile devices are of a rather personal nature to the users. While on the one hand this means that messages have a much more personalized feel to them, it also means that marketers need to be extremely cautious not to overstep the line and invade the target audience’s privacy.

Lack of data-led insights

Like all marketing initiatives, performance needs to be tracked with robust analytics tools. Data gathered from these tools can then power insights that will form the basis for further decision-making. Not utilizing data-led insights can end up with a lot of gut-led decisions which may sooner or later end in disastrous results.

Mobile marketing is no longer an option that marketers can choose to ignore. Mastering the tactic quickly has become extremely crucial for businesses to survive.



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